Bag the Birds / Football Viewing Party (11.21.13)

DJ Ronnie Roux

In high school, he always had a liking to play the music at everyone’s house party. Stepping into the club scene as a patron, he quickly made friends with the DJ in every nightclub he went to. Then, the luckiest break ever, a resident DJ at a club he went to was ready to retire. With an offer no 19 year old guy could refuse, he took that DJ job without thinking twice. With no formal training and no clue what to do, Ronnie quickly caught on to the DJ scene. The end result of that lucky break made Ronnie Roux one of the most sought after disc jockeys in New Orleans. He’s played in the top nightclubs New Orleans has to offer. His versatility in music formats keeps him busy on the weekends with nightclubs and corporate event planners. He’s contracted with the two biggest corporate event planners in New Orleans for the busy tourism industry. Currently residing at the biggest nightclub in New Orleans, he plays a video DJ set every Saturday at Metropolitan. Whether it’s hip hop, EDM, top 40 or party rock, he can play it all.

$0.00 - $15.00


On 11/21/13, we will have a football viewing party for the Saints vs Falcons. Come watch the game on one of 8 flat screens or 5 projector screens. There will be a complimentary buffet, tailgating games, and private seating available. All drinks for the night will be $5 and we will also have pre-sale wristbands for $15. The wristbands will include 4 drink tickets and the first 100 will receive a Crown Royal "Bag the Birds" T-shirt.

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