Saint Millie

Saint Millie

In our current social climate, it seems that many artists are born overnight, leaving some with the absence of proper development and a true understanding of their craft. Tools of the hip-hop trade, like lyricism and delivery, must strike a balance with performance and vocal quality. Image and personal brand must correlate well with the theme. The creative process must encompass a fulfilled personal journey. In the end, it all must come together to create the story of the artist himself. As a ascending and emerging artist, premiere Chicago artist, Saint Millie, has already begun to spearhead and embody the essence of a true emcee.

Saint Mille grew up on the west side of Chicago, enduring loss and distant parental relationships from a young age. With the support of his extended family and his own persistant spirit, he plowed through the struggle and managed to place himself on the forefront of Chicago's emerging hip hop scene.

Millie's interest and obsession with music started in the sixth grade. Like many young MC's, he found himself dropping his own rhythmic vocals on instrumentals without any professional mentoring. Throughout his formative years he learned how to hone in on his craft and make his music available to the masses. Once Millie entered high school, he formed a group called The Section. The result of which was his collaborative debut EP with Anton Genius that was a high school success.

The Fall of 2011 marked the beginning of the 'Chvrch Music' movement and the start of his first solo project, No Religion But Up. Teaming with producers Von Vuai, Drew Hurt, and Cartoonz member The Gift, the project was completed and became available for download in the Fall of 2012. The first official single, "Something Good" (produced by The Gift) sampled vocalist Maverick Sabre and offered a great introduction to Saint Millie and Chvrch Music. The second single, "Eight2Nine" featured Rick Ross’ most recent MMG artist signee, Rockie Fresh, with a killer production by Von Vuai. Since its initial drop in the Spring of 2012, it has garnered major online buzz and racked up some mainstream spins on Chicago’s WGCI radio, home of Chicago hip-hop. No Religion But Up, a debut mixtape showcasing versatile artistry, marks Saint Millie's greatest progression and shows promise that he will only continue to evolve as an artist.

2014 will be one of the most productive years for Saint Millie. In the Winter of 2014, The Road to Glory will be released as the teaser for his highly anticipated mixtape, Glory, which is set to be released in the Spring of 2014. Tracks from The Road to Glory are sonically "melodic and fun " for fans and listeners, Millie suggests. Glory, in contrast, is much more introspective.

Saint Millie's flow resembles early 90’s era hip-hop with with his own signature, futuristic twists. Millie’s raps show and prove his growth since No Religion but Up - it's more mature, complex, and poetic. Glory was carefully crafted to display Millie’s unique and seasoned sound. His music exudes his own personal brand, his style, his originality, and his immense creativity. Fused with the greater efforts of Chvrch Music, Millie's message speaks for all to embrace our common humanity; to recognize and break the societal barriers that inhibit personal progression. With lyrics developed from poetic roots and production, matched to compliment his independent style, the music created its own unique blend. His relaxed delivery carries a feel good vibe and creates an aura to invite inspiration and provide motivation to all who listen.

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