Karmina, XY Unlimited, Jason Powers (closing set)

Sisters Kelly and Kamille are the band Karmina (means “song” in Latin). With a background in classical music, their influences range anywhere from Brahms to Björk to The Beatles. They write, sing, produce and perform their original music, which can be heard on such major television shows as CSI:NY, 90210, Pretty Little Liars, The Hills and The Cleaner.

The sisters continue to play nationally and internationally, having performed with such artists as Sheryl Crow, Sara Bareilles, Hanson, James Blunt and Carol King. Much of their time is currently spent in the studio, producing music for their upcoming record, Queens of Heart.

Karmina’s CBS Records release, Backwards into Beauty, features single “The Kiss” which rose to #24 on the Billboard AC chart. Kelly and Kamille’s newest music can be heard on their sophomore album Car Train Ship Plane. With a musical dynamic that can only come from siblings, Kamina’s songs are sure to satisfy a craving for quality, harmony-loaded, imagery-filled music.

XY Unlimited

What happens when a bunch of vocal harmony nerds pick up instruments and start writing catchy songs?

XY has the answer.

SoCal twentysomethings XY Unlimited infuse their soulful brand of pop/rock with the soaring harmonies of a cappella and vocal jazz to strike a blow for music geeks everywhere.

“We’re all songwriting musicians who really enjoy rock, and we also loved being in college vocal groups. When we graduated, the obvious choice was to start a band that fed both cravings” says drummer James Adams.

With hints of Fleetwood Mac, Fall Out Boy, and Glee all wrapped up in a modern package, the group delivers soaring pop/rock excitement and vocal group charm in equal proportions.

Jason Powers (closing set)

Jason Powers has had a passion for music his whole life. He has been playing guitar for over 13 years and teaching guitar for over 8.

Jason played lead guitar and vocals for the band Out of Fiction in high school which performed on the Warped Tour, at The Whiskey A Go Go, and other venues around CA.

Since then Jason has developed his sound and songwriting considerably. He opened for Clint Black at a celebrity function in Napa Valley, as well as played shows throughout San Diego, Lake Tahoe, and the SF Bay Area.


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