“We should meet in another life, we should meet in air, Me and you.” ? Sylvia Plath

When Lindsay Pitts and Clifford John Usher first met, it felt as if they’d known each other in another life. They began collaborating immediately, and in 2013 released Medusa, a collection of songs with a remarkably crystalline vision. Lindsay’s haunting and deeply emotive vocals provide the backbone for Clifford’s dark and dreamy production, balancing gauzy atmospherics with emotional heft.

GEMS’ music is very much about the transformative power of song. It embraces pop’s form and structure, as well as its proclivity for distilling emotions to a point, but it reaches for something deeper, searching for those authentic and raw human truths that reside in the shadowland of the soul.

Their debut full length, Kill the One You Love, is a further indulgence in GEMS’ evocative, existential longing. The songs play out like a series of confessions. They are the secrets written in diaries, the unspoken lament to a lover. The title, a reference to Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, shrouds the project in a funerary cloud, alluding to the death of a relationship, the death of love, the loss of self. And yet there is a sense of hope that pervades the album, hope that some ray of light may find its way through the darkness.

South London based vocalist and producer Laura Bettinson has been involved in a wide array of creative projects ever since graduating from Goldsmiths (legendary launch pad for Blur, Katy B and James Blake), encompassing art, music, film and fashion.

Most recently she’s been fronting ultraísta, the band formed by Radiohead/Beck/Paul McCartney producer Nigel Godrich alongside drummer Joey Waronker (REM/Beck/Smashing Pumpkins), with the outfit already receiving huge praise from critics worldwide. Four Tet, Matthew Herbert and David Lynch have remixed the band, all re-imagining Bettinson’s vocals in sublime fashion, in preparation for Ultraísta’s début album release in October and forthcoming tour of Europe, Japan and the USA.

FEMME is Bettinson’s solo project. Inspired by sixties girl groups and the attitude of artists like MIA, Debbie Harry and Cibdy Sherman, FEMME combines a playful, avant-pop aesthetic with big, beat-driven music. Stella McCartney is already a fan, choosing FEMME to soundtrack her 2012 catwalk collections, and a growing number of music-lovers are joining her…

Gearing up for the release of her debut album, FEMME released her debut in July to widespread critical acclaim, she is now preparing for the follow up single due beginning of November.

My Body (EP Release Party!)

My Body is Jordan Bagnall and Darren Bridenbeck, the band is based out of Brooklyn NY and was formed in 2012. Jordan leads the project as the primary producer and songwriter. She uses her classical training to create catchy electronic pop that is modern and decidedly unique.


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