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The English Beat

Dave Wakeling is a hell of a nice guy! Dave loves to tell you the stories behind his songs, either from stage or after the show. Ask any one of the thousands of fans who have met him over the years and that's what you'll hear. Never mind that Dave is the singer/songwriter from two of the most popular bands of the end of the millennium, The English Beat and General Public, he's a stand up man from Brum. Whether it's the personal as political in How Can You Stand There, making politics personal in Stand Down Margaret, taking a stand against global warming as he did making Greepeace's Alternative NRG, or helping little kids stand tall with Smile Train, Dave has always stood for something.

Beat Brigade

Since the Mid 80's with the explosion of the third wave of the SKA scene coming out of England, The BEAT BRIGADE was born and join the likes of the TOASTERS, Second Step, Boilers, Akings, Urban Blight and more and created a NYC SKA scene like no other!

The Beat Brigade blends a mix of SKA, Reggae, Calypso and old jamiacan roots vibe to their sound. Their heavy influences were the English Beat, Clash, Specials and can be heard on some of their songs.

After years of Hiatus, The Brigade members are back to hit the stage again! Catch them when you can! You Won't be dissappointed!


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