Ra Ra Rasputin

Ra Ra Rasputin

Washington DC's Ra Ra Rasputin have developed a reputation for their energetic performances and sincere approach to live dance music. With the release of their debut album, the band is excited to share their music with a wider audience.

They have quickly become one of the city's most popular local acts. DCist.com describes them as "a live act that reliably can get asses not only in the door, but shaking on the floor with their infectious dance punk."

The group began when Brock Boss (vocals, keyboards, guitar) ordered a drink from Anna Rozzi (vocals, keyboards, guitar) at a local DC dive. Their conversation was riddled with shared exclamations of "I love that band!" and the two decided to start writing music together. Brock invited Ken Quam (drums, percussion), a standout drummer from the local music scene, to join them. The group's lineup was completed with the addition of Patrick Kigongo (guitar, bass, percussion), who enthusiastically responded to a prank Craigslist ad that Brock had posted.

Having solidified their lineup, the group began practicing in an unventilated warehouse in NE Washington DC. Boldly, they booked their first show before they had even finished writing three songs and in June 2007 played a full set for an enthusiastic and responsive DC crowd. The group's early shows at venues like the Velvet Lounge and Wonderland Ballroom were loud and sweaty affairs. Word of mouth spread quickly about their energetic and unpolished approach to dance rock. Soon, the band graduated to larger venues in DC and began to play regularly in New York City.

As time progressed, Ra Ra Rasputin's sound became more focused. The acquisition of vintage synthesizers and more percussion allowed these multi-instrumentalists to incorporate the sounds of Talking Heads, New Order, afrobeat drumming and European disco. Never afraid to experiment in concert, they regularly treated listeners to new material, often developing songs based on the crowd reactions.

Ra Ra Rasputin's popularity in the Washington area has allowed them to perform at the city's most celebrated venue, The 9:30 Club, and to consistenly draw large crowds at venues such as the Black Cat, the Rock & Roll Hotel and the Fort Reno Concert Series.

“From Home” is a smooth number crafted by the Hyattsville-based band that allows you to get lost in the song. It should be noted that PLOY has done a fantastic job this year with keeping its name relevant and top-of-mind in the scene without coming across as overbearing. It’s difficult for bands to not cross that fine line-but PLOY really has discovered that ideal balance.




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