Wayne Static

Wayne Static

Hello friends, Been busy writing for my first solo record entitled "Pighammer" at the dirthouse, where Tera and I are living full time now, and I promise this will be some of my best work ever. It's shaping up to be very heavy, yet very industrial, and I'm working towards a mix of all my vocal capabilities, everything from full on screaming ala Cult Of Static to melodic bits ala Shadow Zone (you can thank Tera for that as she is the one that pushed me to mix it up). This record will be close to what my vision was in the beginning for Static-X before I had to compromise with all the other band members. "Pighammer" is a true solo project and will not have any collaboration with any other artist as reported in the past. There have also been rumors that Tera and I have been writing the record together, but this is not the case. Although she will be playing bass for me in my touring band because she's musically talented and she's hot! I'm still on track for a release this year, date unknown.

The Defiled

The Defiled are a 5-piece British Industrial Metal band from London, England mixing groove-laden hardcore/metal with electronic influences.

MADLIFE has redefined Metal and Hard Rock. Their current single "To Live and Die In Hollywood" debuted at #8 on Mediabase Active Rock Radio, climbing to #6 the second week. Madlife's highly anticipated 4th album "21st Century Megalomaniac" is due out this spring. Madlife announced their endorsement deal with Schecter Guitars earlier this year and just completed a video for their second single "Just One Gun" with director Matt Zane. This video is expected to turn a lot of heads.

Madlife IsaiahDeveloped in 2000, this industrial hard rock band from Los Angeles was contrived between Guitarist Isaiah Stuart and Lead Singer Angry Phill. With Phill's angry lyrics and Isaiah's unique guitar sound Madife was born. Madlife has since been made complete with Kyle Cunningham on drums and Carlos Pagan on bass. The chemistry between these four makes Madlife the band fans want to see and hear.

Phill and Isaiah formed MADLIFE and launched their first EP self titled "MADLIFE," produced by Andrew "Stoker" Growcott. After touring the South West and the LA area they knew they had something unique. Soon after, they released their 2nd EP, also produced by Stoker, titled "Music As Harsh As the World We Live In"

MADLIFE embarked on their first national tour in 2005, promoting "Music As Harsh As the World We Live In." They also activated a successful radio campaign, airing in thirty commercial and one hundred fifty college radio stations in the U.S.Madlife Phill

In 2006, MADLIFE began recording tracks for film and television. Since then they have written and recorded for Sony International's "Hex," trailers and bumpers, NBC's "Blue Skies" pilot, Discovery Channel's "Suits to Boots," the "Vampires Suck" Soundtrack and MTV. They have also written for Crusty Demons and several other independent projects. They also filmed their first music video "I Want War" directed by Jeff Jingle.

Subsequent to the music video, MADLIFE launched their second national tour spanning over twenty U.S. states. The following year, they garnered endorsements from Ernie Ball and In Tune Guitar Picks. Following their third national tour, Madlife recorded their third album "Angry Sonnets for the Soul." Produced by Evan 9 (Cage 9 and Powerman 5K), Angry Phill describes the EP as "An understanding of the twisted sea of emotion that is my life." Their third album and their exceptional notoriety amongst fans resulted in Jagermeister adding the band to their endorsement roster.Madlife Kyle

They played the 2009 Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival while "Angry Sonnets for the Soul" was re-released through Universal/Fontana/RBE. The album featured their radio single,"Be Tomorrow." By the time "Be Tomorrow" hit, MADLIFE had toured well over 75% of the United States. Nixxi Sixx (Motley Crue) named "Be Tomorrow" "Pick of the Week" on his national syndicated radio show, "Sixx Sense."

The band has current endorsements from Ernie Ball, In Tune Guitar Picks, Schecter Guitars, Fryette Amps, Line 6, Meinl Cymbals and FrankinThread Clothing.Madlife Carlos

MADLIFE has shared the stage with Korn, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Fiver Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Prong, Trivium, Killswich Engage, Bullet for My Valentine, Adema, All the Remains and many more.


Fates intertwine…

As fate would have it, four high school friends united to form what became Interfate. Since then Interfate has evolved, bringing in new members each with different musical histories, leading to an intuitive take on the rock scene of today. Interfate is an ensemble influenced by the ragged yet melodic sounds of 90’s grunge along with the polish of early 2000’s Nü Metal. Their dynamic live performances have been honed on the Arizona circuit along with tours across the southwest. Interfate is privileged to have shared the stage with acts such as Nonpoint, Puddle of Mudd, Wayne Static, In This Moment, Taproot, Otep, Tantric, Fuel, Smile Empty Soul and The Ataris. Their EP “Shedding Skin”, engineered and produced by Jeremy Parker (Evanescence, Godsmack, Disturbed, Mudvayne) and Mike Oliver, was released December 2014. A single, "Tremble", was released January 2016.

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