Dead Rose Music Company

Few and far between are the artists who manage to be both a producer’s producer and a party-goer’s DJ, but that’s precisely what the mysterious Dead Rose Music Company has managed to achieve.

DRMC creates face-melting, dance floor-destroying original compositions and sexy, sultry disco edits that are decidedly for big metropolitan nightclubs.

Emerging from a shadowy, fictitious narrative he himself crafted in 2010, DRMC has quickly risen to be one of the most sought-after talents on today’s circuit. Thanks in large part to his musical dexterity and versatility; one minute the guy is all reverbed-out, smooth and seductive, the next he’s the centre of the party, belting out bass-heavy, mesmerising house jams.

Underscoring his already diverse discography is a finesse and delicacy that is rarely seen in today’s market. Dead Rose reliably injects an air of the organic into everything he touches, whether it’s by virtue of dropping some fuzzy vinyl crackles and pops into a tune or simply sampling an especially buttery R&B vocal.

So far, DRMC has made records for a handful of lauded imprints; Let’s Play House, WOLF, Kolour, Sleazy Beats, Whiskey Disco and House of Disco and so it’s easy enough to gather that this selection of cuts is just the tip of the iceberg for this already prolific producer.

Jason Kendig

JASON KENDIG (DJ - Honey Soundsystem, SF)
Jason began collecting records in Detroit in the early 1990s and soon became obsessed with the sounds of disco, italo, Chicago house and early Detroit techno. Mixing newer creative sounds with his deep collection of lost classics, Jason has DJed throughout the United States as well as abroad at parties like Horse Meat Disco (London), Club Lux (Lisbon), Tripod (Dublin), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Berghain (Berlin) and Hafen 2 (Frankfurt). He is currently resident for San Francisco's superb HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM and is releasing music on the MR.INTL label.

Anthony Mansfield

Anthony Mansfield has been on a 20-year journey through the world of
psychedelic dance music ever since attending the now-legendary full moon massives of
San Francisco’ s Wicked Crew in the early 90’ s. Anthony spent the rest of the decade
in New York, spreading the gospel of deep house across the Empire State with a late-
night radio show, his 8-year-running weekly, and the countless underground parties
that gave birth to his own crew, HectorWorks Soundsystem. After an exhausting and
debaucherous 2-year run as GM, talent booker, and resident DJ at upstate’ s largest live
music venue, The Odyssey, Anthony was ready to return to San Francisco.
Anthony hit the West Coast running in 2002, joining his old friend DJ M3 as
resident DJ and co-promoter of the infamous Green Gorilla Lounge in a string of
successful weekly club nights, true seat-of-your-pants underground parties, and blown-
out monthly events across the Bay Area, with some of the city’ s and world’ s best names
in dance music. Anthony has left his mark on Burning Man for the last decade as well,
at the Space Lounge, Green Gorilla, and Disco Knights sound camps, with a trail of
exhausted dancers and party people in the wake of his many epic sets on the playa.
Anthony has been producing his own particular brand of dance music since his
first release on Rong Records in ’ 04 with Ben Cook as “ Barfly” . Quickly moving to
found his own label, Hector Works, in 2005 with NYC deep-house production wizard
Nick Chacona, Anthony has worked with Garth, Tal M. Klein, Sneak-E Pete, M3, and
others in the last five years, releasing tracks on Gomma, Moodmusic, Aniligital , and
Om Records. His tunes have received nods (and plays) from some of the world’ s top
DJs, including Dimitri from Paris, Harvey, Greg Wilson, Doc Martin, Idjut Boys, Ivan
Smaggle, and Playgroup. Camped out in his room at Moulton Studios, Anthony is
currently hard at work on the 16th release for Hector Works, and looking forward to
taking a break for the Treasure Island Music Festival!

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