“Sprout Wings and Fly” This touching tribute to Appalachian culture profiles legendary, old-time fiddler Tommy Jarrell. His unpretentious folk wisdom is interlaced with family scenes and reminiscences, plus plenty of old-time music. As Mr. Jarrell puts it in the film, winking over his bifocals, “Why hell fire, you ain’t got to go home yet.” (Les Blank, USA, 1983, 30min) “Chulas Fronteras” A magnificent introduction to the most exciting Nortena musicians working today: Los Algres de Teran, Lydia Mendosa, Flaco Jimenez and others. The Mexican- Americans live on the Texan side of the border. To the south lies Mexico and poverty; to the north are America, hostility and little hope of deliverance. They belong to neither area and migrate from state to state with the seasons for work in the fields. This music and the spirit of the people are seen embodied in their strong family life and sheer enjoyment of domestic rituals. (Les Blank, USA, 1976, 51min )

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