Epic Win Nerdlesque comes to Washington DC!

Epic Win Nerdlesque comes to Washington DC!

We're coming for you Washington, DC! And we're packing a Nintendo DS, a stack of Batman comic books and a DVD of Star Wars IV and we're going to nerd all over you! EPIC WIN Burlesque is one of the nerdiest burlesque shows in New York City. Vaudevillian Nelson Lugo and the four-eyed foxes of EWB shamelessly and lovingly embrace their geekiest interests to present epic evenings of nerd-themed burlesque. Evenings filled with music, laughs and magic... but mostly Gotham's hottest burlesque beauties paying homage to some of their most beloved pastimes. Come dressed in your nerdy best and get a FREE raffle ticket to win a nerdy stash of wonderful prizes! Or test your wits at the Nerd Trivia Challenge for even bigger prizes! Charge up your Proton Packs... Polish your vibranium shields... and set your Type-II Phasers to STUNNING!

Star cast featuring:
Dangrrr Doll :Reads Klingon, Speaks Elvish
Mr. Gorgeous :: he's a last level final boss
Topher Bousquet :: his sonic screwdriver works on wood
Cherie Sweetbottom :: she taps manna all night long
Kittening Provided by Ellie Quinn :: her 20s are natural
and your host with the MOST! Nelson Lugo :: the official magician to the nerd masses

*This event is 21+*

$12.00 - $15.00


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