Jukebox the Ghost's "Nightmare on Wythe Ave"

Jukebox the Ghost

Jukebox The Ghost's "Nightmare on Wythe Ave"
1 Set of Horrible Originals & 1 Set of Terrible Covers, Featuring musical guests: Ben Danzig, Tommy Sequel 2, Mick Dagger & more!
Special guest Team Spirit, & band judged costume contest!

The appeal of a modern, on the rise indie band like
Jukebox the Ghost is simple: They write catchy songs. On
top of that, they’re dynamic, skilled musicians. The band’s
records are carefully structured, yet wildly diverse affairs.
And the live show? Energetic, crowd-pleasing, cathartic.
The Philly trio’s new album, produced by Peter Katis (Interpol, The National) and set for release this fall on Yep Roc, highlights
all of these elements over 11 tracks, each one leaving its own unique sonic footprint. But constructing and arranging the songs to their full potential took years of preparation, both on the road and in all of the basements, houses, hotel rooms and studios where the songs were born.
“There was never a lull in songwriting, even when we were touring.” explains guitarist/co-vocalist Tommy Siegel. “We went into the studio with 25 nearly-finished and arranged songs, and we put a lot of time into crafting each one. It was a conscious effort on all of our parts to mature as a band.”
Since their 2009 debut, Let Live and Let Ghosts, a sunny, piano-led explosion of pop exuberance, JTG has logged hundreds of shows and thousands of hours on tour – all of which helped the guys develop the patience and perspective needed to deliver a more intricate and serious second record.
“Sometimes, in the past, we were received as being this bubbly and jumpy and happy group,” says Ben Thornewill, Jukebox’s
pianist and other vocalist. “But this record seems like we’re sounding more thoughtful and personal. Besides, you’re going to think and write differently after 300 shows. People change, different things happen to you, you get some new influences, and the way you do your songwriting and arranging is going to be different.”
“It’s not wrong to say we’re fun, upbeat guys,” adds Siegel, who stayed upbeat during the album’s recording despite scheduling
it around vocal surgery—a by-product of spending two years on the road (note: post-surgery, Tommy is fine). “But we’re real
people, we’ve had real troubles, and all of that’s going to affect us. Besides, I think the ‘happy-fun’ label was a bit of hyperbole
– I mean, half of the songs on our first record were about the apocalypse.”
Originally formed during university in Washington D.C., Jukebox the Ghost (the name’s an amalgam of Captain Beefheart and Nabakov references) won accolades for that first record, Let Live and Let Ghosts, which Spin Magazine called “a refreshing reminder that the lighthearted electricity of a fantastic pop song is still filled with live wires.” The band – Thornewill, Siegel and drummer Jesse Kristin – jelled quickly, despite their disparate musical backgrounds in everything from classical piano to prog to indie to 80s Brit-pop. Collectively, the group delivered an unabashedly upbeat, playful sound with a sly dark streak (see: the aforementioned apocalyptic lyrics). JTG’s pop sensibility is still on display on the new record, but now rounded out with more emotional heft and an expanded
musical palate. For starters, there’s an emergence of synths, most notably on the Phoenix-like opener “Schizophrenia.” (Says
Thornewill: “I was such a classical pianist for a long time that I was sort of against using them...and then I started fooling
around and realized how much they could open up our sound.”). Elsewhere, the album veers through gorgeous AM radio throwbacks (“The Summer Sun”), Beatles-esque twists and turns (“Mistletoe”) and even a little prog-rock in “The Sun,” “The Sun (Interlude)” and “The Stars,” a three-part “philosophical/cosmological pondering” by Siegel that’s actually quite...danceable.

Special guest Team Spirit

ICE Records and Warner Bros are pleased to announce the recent signing of rock 'n’ roll foursome Team Spirit. Founded by NYC’s own Ayad Al Adhamy. the band is set to shred at this year's CMJ festival with five shows over the course of the fest. Following CMJ, Team Spirit will hit the road with White Denim and Maps & Atlases, bringing their sounds to fans in the Midwest on the Bonaroo365 Tour.

Ayad on forming Team Spirit: "I looked over at my guitar collecting dust in the corner and decided I'd had enough. I picked it up, fell back in love, and Team Spirit was born.”

Needing a band, he got in touch with his old shred-metal college roommate Roman Tobias.

Pettigrew (who had spent the last few years in Los Angeles founding a cult… seriously) and recruited Cosmo Kilburn Di Giulio after finding and nearly losing him following a night of drinking in a country music bar. They rounded off the lineup with ball-kickin' drummer Mike Addesso.

Ayad describes Team Spirit as "Bursting with soulpower - a cocktail of Motown basslines, Thin Lizzy-esque dueling guitars, 90s sing-along hooks, glam beats, and Chuck Berry feet."

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