Andrew Whitman, Maitland

Andrew Whitman

The Early Years

Learned guitar in 2003
Learned Jack Johnson covers in 2005
First song, "Mary Joe", in 2005
First band, The Moccasins, in 2005
Moccasins break up in 2005

The Beat of Life Years

"The Beat of Life" written in 2006
Start jamming with Devin in 2007
Start recording first album in 2007
Finish first album in 2009
Chill out at college until 2012

Years of brotherhood, self-proclaimed and genetic, have created the Indie/folk/rock band Maitland. Pulling influences from Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, and woodsy expeditions, Maitland has transformed from a minimalist folk duo into a rock quartet. With the release of the band’s first album, “(from a cabin in the woods),” Josh Hines (vocals/guitar/songwriter), toured subway systems in the North East cities like Boston, Philadelphia, New York, etc. Once it was time to make more noise, Josh Hines invited his brother, Alex Hines (bass/vocals), Evan Moffitt (guitar), and Adam Shumski (drums) to the stage. Capitalizing on the versatility of the folk iterations, Maitland’s live performances express backwoods rustic elements paired with driving percussion and unforgettable melodies. Evan Moffitt creates a comfortable blanket of atmosphere to lay over Maitland’s three part harmonies, haunting falsettos, and dynamic percussion.

"Josh Hines is a man who prefers to sing on his tiptoes, his entire body responding in concert with changes in the music. His disarming kindness and child-like smile won over the crowd as he chatted with them amiably between songs. The entire band radiated good vibes, clearly grateful and excited to be selected as the headliner for a night of some of Philly’s unknown best."
-- JUMP Magazine

"Maitland does more with an acoustic guitar and microphones than some symphony orchestras do with a hundred members. Songwriter Josh Hines (he's the guy in the cover photo) plays gorgeously simple folk songs that get compared to Bon Iver by people with no imagination. Songs are often layered no more deeply than three tracks--guitar, drums, and voice--but the arrangements are so captivating that it feels much more dense. Hines’ gentle yet sturdy voice could fill a cathedral, so if you want to truly experience Maitland, go see them perform live."
-- Honors Lounge - 8 Great Underground Philly Bands

"...sonically minimalistic but chock full of natural imagery and nostalgic snapshots in time."
-- WXPN - "The Key’s" Year-End Mania:
Top 5 Philadelphia Transplants of 2013

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