Audio Push

Audio Push emcees Oktane and Price Tag might be young guns in the rap game, but they are approaching their careers with the swagger of elder statesmen. The rappers from the Inland Empire section of Southern California are forerunners of the fast rising "jerk" movement, boasting the sub-genre's first tribute record, "Teach Me How To Jerk.

Their skilled energetic jerk style bares similarities to '80s Ska mixed with rapid skipping, squatting and popping movements. But the former crump battle dancers can also spit. They write their own rhymes and posses impressive confident conversational flows.

Produced by Kadis and Sean of Roz Music Entertainment, "Teach Me How To Jerk" vibrates with hypnotic energy. It was the buzz they received throughout the I.E. and MySpace that secured them show dates, including a set at the highly regarded Texas Summer Music Conference. They caught the attention of Roz Entertainment, struck a production deal and started working on more songs, including a remix to their already popular "Teach Me How To Jerk."

While "Teach Me How To Jerk" will serve as their introduction to many, Audio Push is multi-dimensional. Other songs on their self-titled debut range from the hip-hop ballads like the fly Auto-Tune styled "Aviator" and bouncy "Chose You"; retro flavored braggadocio "Mike Jackson Bad," rock fueled "Audio Kiss," and the piano driven, uplifting message song "Run Away."

It's been a good minute since a new group broke out West without being associated with an already established superstar name. But Audio Push is that good. They don't need the co-sign. Their hype, energy and talent is enough to blaze a trail. It's already in motion.

Darling Bonnie

For ages the bay area has been the birth place for Artist who breed cultivating and unique aspects of art and entertainment . So it should serve as no surprise that the, "Darling gift to the rap game" is an Oakland native.

Born Ashley Nichole Best in Castro Valley, Ca Darling Bonnie was birthed to shine. Growing up in Oakland wasn't a horror story for her, but more like an urban fairytale, which she embraced with great pride.
She always possessed a very active imagination and a very strong passion for the arts. Growing up in a home with a mother who believed in broadening her daughter's horizons and a step father who possessed an enviable collection of music and plenty of information to back it up, served to fuel Bonnie's ever growing creativity.

Certain artists can transcend from strangers to vicarious big brothers to in just a few short lines. On "Easy," Berkeley, California's Symba raps, "All I thought in life was dollars / Never got to see Nirvana / Before my bitch looked like Madonna / I was just try'na make my father / Angry that he had left me for growin' up, me and Mama / Was what forced me to look at rappers like 'These niggas my father.'" Symba, which has stood for "Young King," centuries before Disney's animated protagonist, was certainly raised on the type of Hip-Hop that was unafraid to be brutally self-critical, evident in lines touching on mis-education and ambition at once. "The main thing I try to do is to talk about what I don't like about myself more than what I like about myself," explains the wise 23 year-old. "It gives insecurity its own type of voice. That way, they can see what I'm going through, and know they're not alone." That type of motivational music will be coming out late 2013 in the form of the New Jack City-inspired 5-song EP Young Nate Nino and in 2014 with the follow-up debut album II More Words, which features Nipsey Hussle, Mistah F.A.B, and Ray J, among others.

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