Arc In Round

Arc In Round

Arc in Round's self-titled debut LP, rejects a sensibility garnered from endless hours of studio tracking and hypnotic experimentation. The album is a re-invention of influence, ranging from melodic gems (think Stereolab meets Broadcast) to epic prog jams, tied securely yet ever so loosely together by haunting male and female vocals. The LP brims with layered dissonance and experimentation à la Disco Inferno & This Heat being driven by the Motorik Kraut rhythms of Neu and Can. This is carefully crafted dark pop – taut yet spacey, noisy yet melodic; it's a smart experiment in sonic evolution. There is a sweet contradiction in the intricate metamorphosis of sound and song; each track feeding from one another until the sum of its parts breaks free.

Mako Sica

Mixing punk ideals and the experimental traditions of their Chicago hometown, Mako Sica craft spacious excursions that touch on post-rock, prog, and avant jazz without owing too much of a debt to any particular influence. The trio is comprised of guitarist/trumpeter Przemyslaw Drazek and percussionist Michael Kendrick, both formerly of the electro-acoustic group Rope, and guitarist/vocalistBrent Fuscaldo. Their name is a Sioux Lakota Native American term meaning "land bad," it fits the band's sprawling, sometimes menacing, expanses perfectly. The band has recorded for Permanent Records, Teen River and Slow Knife. Essence, the band's second full-length on La Societe Expeditionnaire, sold out shortly after its release in 2012. It's just been repressed and will be available at tonight's show.


new wave/post punk



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