Afroman, is an American rapper who came to prominence with his singles "Because I Got High" and "Crazy Rap". "Because I Got High" circulated around the Internet before becoming a hit worldwide. He was nominated for a Grammy award in 2002.

On a dark stormy night, Shauny $howtime sits on the bench of a bus stop armed with nothing but his trusty Les Paul. A broken light haphazardly flickers above him. On the other side of the bench, he sees a nebulous silhouette with large headphones sitting in the shadows. He notices the figure rhythmically tapping his fingers across a curious piece of electronics.

"What are you doing?", $howtime asks inquisitively.

The shadow pushes his MPC and headphones across the bench.

As $howtime listens, he reaches for his guitar. "You mind if I try to jam some ideas over this? Who knows when the bus is coming."

The wind surges as the mysterious being shrugs in agreement. Rain begins to splash aggressively against the glass of the bus stop. As $howtime strums the first chord over the beat, a furious flash of lightning strikes and illuminates his surroundings.

$howtime gasps as he looks next to him and sees the beast for the first time. The monster possesses vicious fangs complimented by a forest of grey hair, which he struggles to keep contained in a backwoods flannel and timberlands.

"AGHH!! What in the world are you!?", $howtime screams.

The Wolf rises and howls at the moon. The storm escalates around them.

Before $howtime has a chance to react, lightning strikes again, causing the unexpected to happen: a rip in space and time opens a portal in the streets. A swirling plasma of blue electricity glows in front of them.

$howtime looks at the Wolf. "What is that!?"

The Wolf grunts in confusion.

Then, as if the event was pre-destined in the stars, the two look at each other and understand what they must do. They get up from the bench and run full force toward the portal and jump. They didn't know it then, but the future of mankind and their own fates were forever forged together in that moment.

They arrived here in your dimension with one mission, and one mission only: to deliver an electronic revolution of beat-driven infectious pop hooks that can cut through the roots of even the deepest weeded wallflowers and force them to dance with the wolves.



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