The Rural Alberta Advantage

The Rural Alberta Advantage's percussive folk songs about hometowns and heartbreak, and relentless tradition of touring have taken the trio from humble recognition amongst indie rock die-hards as "Canada's best unsigned band" to sold-out tours and devoted fans around the world with featured coverage from Spin Magazine, Pitchfork, The New York Times and Rolling Stone all taking note. The band has been nominated for two 2012 Juno Awards (Best New Group and Video of the Year for their song “Stamp”), long listed for the 2011 Polaris Award, and awarded the CBC Music Prize for Best Independent Artist in 2014. The RAA has released three albums on Saddle Creek/Paper Bag Records: Hometowns(2009), Departing (2011) and Mended With Gold (2014). The trio of Nils Edenloff, Paul Banwatt and Robin Hatch are currently hard at work on the band’ s next album and will be previewing new material the way they love best, by hitting the road for a unique set of road testing shows in some of their favourite venues across North America and Europe through 2016/2017. “I've never been good about focusing on a theme or having a specific plan at the outset of a new record”, says Nils, “For me, writing music tends to be more of a constantly evolving process, like following one strange trail after another until a song has come to its general conclusion. This time around, we're following that natural writing process more and inviting the fans to come along those trails with us.”The first new song, White Lights, is available now on digital and streaming outlets. Some words on The Rural Alberta Advantage: ““Regardless of your tastes, if you care about drums at all, Mended With Gold is a must-listen.”–Pitchfork “The Rural Alberta Advantage are best seen live, where their acoustic crescendos and Nils Edenloff's Jeff Mangum-esque vocal acrobatics impress most.”-Under The Radar “There's something that just makes you want to root for them -- as Edenloff introduced "Tornado '87", a song about a twister that ran through Edmonton, one of the many Canadian bros in attendance shouted: "I LOVE TORNADOS!" That's making a connection.”– Coachella Festival coverage, Pitchfork “The intensity of like “Stamp”and “Don’ t Haunt This Place” lean on Banwatt’ s marathon-runner stamina and fills, and it’ s safe to say the band’ s great melodies wouldn’ t sound the same without him.”–“The 10 Best New Rhythm Sections”, Paste Magazine “The crowd sang along to all the ‘ oohs’ and danced to songs like The Deadroads and Frank, AB, even demanding an encore that would never materialize in a festival like this. Will this show rate among the weekend’ s best? Too early to say, but it’ s a strong contender.”– Montreal Gazette at Osheaga Festival

Rebekah Higgs

Rebekah Higgs is an instrument all her own. At times happy, often haunting, her voice echoes and chimes like a xylophone French kissing a wa-wa pedal. 'Sha La La' is the reverberation of 6 new songs brought to life between January 2012 to September 2013 in Wakefield Quebec, Toronto Ontario, and Halifax Nova Scotia. The opening track 'Loneliness' weeps from the pulpit while washing over your like a dissonant church choir. This album is steeped with ghosts from the past, drawing from 60's girl groups like The Crystals, replacing Phil Spector orchestrations with vocal effects and distorted pedals kindred to the Cocteau Twins. Performed and Produced by Rebekah Higg and nourished by the hands of Geoffrey Pye, Joel Waddell, Jay Holy, and Jason Vautour. This is Rebekah's most intuitive and dreamy composition to date. A long hibernation ripening for birth.

"Dream Pop? Fuzz Pop? Pop Pop? I really don’t care what you end up calling it just as long as you call it awesome. Rebekah Higgs superbly crafted 6-track album ‘Sha La La’ does no wrong, you get a taste of early 1960′s Doo-wop mixed with late 80′s shoegaze wrapped around that voice that leaves you needing more….please let there be more Rebekah."- Joe Cornelisse (Sonic More Music)


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