DrinkDeeply's Singer Songwriter Showcase, Catalina Gonzalez & friends

DrinkDeeply's Singer Songwriter Showcase

A monthly showcase featuring local and touring acts, presented by DrinkDeeply.

Catalina Gonzalez & friends


Ben Erickson

Ben has been making music with a bunch of different projects for about the last 15 years. Started out in the garage in Connecticut playing punk rock and Nirvana, then branched out into noise rock, metal, electro-sleaze, and other extreme sounds. Ben has been all around the East Coast and beyond with my many bands. Through it all he's always loved writing a simple song on the acoustic with a good chorus and evocative lyrics. Over the years he's amassed a pretty broad catalog of "folk" tunes with elements of country, blues, punk, goth, pop, and whatever else has piqued his interest at the time. Enjoy 🙂

Zach Andersen

Matt Dyer

Singer/songwriter blending Celtic, country, folk and rock influences with soulful vocals to create songs of loss, love, rebellion and vision.



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