Tommy Dean

Tommy Dean

Tommy Dean started singing as a seven year old soprano in a choir conducted by Tom Brumby, head of the Music Department at the college that was to become Georgia State University. As his voice changed to alto, to tenor, and fiinally to baritone, he learned all four vocal parts of the choir catalog. This early training gave him his prime abilities—a keen sense of time and an ear for harmony. He spent the next fifteen years unlearning Latin and exploring the music of the contemporary Soul artists of the day (James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, etc.)

Tommy started singing Jazz in 1984 when he formed the League of Decency with Billy McPherson. It was Billy who taught Dean what he learned from a previous generation of traditional jazz musicians. Tommy has spent years working as a band-leader with stellar talent that included guitarist Russell Malone and drummer Jimmy Jackson. Dean now works primarily as a vocalist with a traditional jazz trio. His compositions have been heard from Japan to South Africa in releases by major label recording artists. He continues to perform, write and explore the compositions of American jazz composers.

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