Corktown Popes

The Corktown Popes were formed a few years back by a handful of the guys you went to high school with, you know, the ones that were going to be rock stars. Its 30 years later and timing is everything. They've honed their skills and flustered the critics, and why wouldn't they? They're not a boy band, they're not a pop band, they're not a celtic band, they're not a rock band. Thank you.

Terry Burns - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Michael Martin - Mandolin, Guitar
Paul Goodmen - Accordion
Dave Youngquist - Drums
Jason Kuehn - Guitar, Whistle

Nick Pivot

Nick Pivot went into Woodshed Studios in Oak Park, Michigan, with a Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar and a 24-oz can of Miller High Life beer. He recorded six songs – four originals and two covers. That’s it. No band, no backing vocals, no overdubs and no fancy craft beers. Just a handful of songs – which he describes as “Shop Floor Country”
-- delivered plain and simple. All that whilst enjoying a big can of Miller.

Original songs: Fuck You, I’m From Detroit; A Box of Wine, A Bag of Weed and Judge Judy; Help Mr. Wizard (Don’t Wanna Be No Country Singer); Honky Tonk Crowd.

Cover songs: Honky Tonk Blues (Hank Williams); Crying Time (Buck Owens).

Pivot was born in the long-gone housing projects near Jefferson Avenue and St. Jean, in the shadow of the Seven Sisters smoke stacks on Detroit’s east side. He was introduced to country music by his aunt Georgia Nickele, whose family traveled up the hillbilly highway from Jellico, Tennessee, to find work in the auto factories. He hitched to Nashville in the early ‘70s, in hope of becoming a hillbilly singer. Ha! Coming home with his tail between his legs, he pursued a degree in journalism. A torturous stint at Chrysler’s Lynch Road Assembly plant supplied the funds necessary for a college diploma and, when achieved, a successful writing career followed.

Early country bands included the “Lucky Stars”, as well as “Country Nick and the Macomb County Rangers”. Pivot drifted into rock ‘n’ roll, and was in a number of Detroit bands including “Bootsy X and the Lovemasters”, and “Nick Pivot’s Cocktail Shake”. He also headed up a country outfit called “Skin and Bones”, which included a number of veteran Detroit musicians, including Vito Marchione, Gary Rasmussen and Sir Tim Duvalier. Most recently he fronted a full-tilt honky tonk bar band, “Nick Pivot and the 99ers”.

So, please sit back and enjoy “A Guy, A Guitar & A Cheap Can of Beer” -- a spirited live performance without the burden of high drink prices or pesky second-hand smoke!

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"Holiday Party" with Detroit's #1 Celtic Rock band! ...

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