Leslie and the Lys

Leslie and the Lys

Leslie Hall first became an internet sensation when she uploaded pictures of her gem sweater collection online. After quickly attracting over 2 million hits, she was left with an $800 bill for exceeding bandwidth. In order to pay back her mother, Leslie did what any 200 lb plus Iowan girl would do, she became a lady rapper. Since then, Hall has toured relentlessly with Leslie and the LY's, self-released 5 full-length albums, and produced such viral video hits as Gold Pants, Zombie Killer, How We Go Out, Blame the Booty, and Tight Pants/Body Rolls. The band's ever-evolving live show features elaborate props, flashy costumes, and Las Vegas style production at Midwest prices. You will squeal with delight when Leslie tumbles and triumphs across the stage.

Dean and the Delilahs

Boone County Comedy Troupe

DJ Rockstar Aaron

Denver-based DJ Rockstar Aaron is anything but typical. No stranger to big parties or at capacity dive bars, having spun them all. As an open format DJ, he's known to play everything Old School party hits, Hip-Hop, Dance, Electro, Indie and more. Rockstar Aaron has become a recognizable image for any dance party or club event. Denver Post has referred to him as Ziggy Stardust's punk-damaged son.

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