Walter is:

Brian Barrows - drums
Kyle Lysek - bass
Dan Olson - vocals, guitar
Kevin Wolff - guitar

About the Band

Rock Music from a 4-piece. Sometimes it moves you. Other times, it grooves you. It can also cause your ears to ring.

Flint Forehead

Flint Forehead is a rock band. We're our moms' favorite music group.

98% Chimp

This troop of proto-punk chimplike humanoids has been evolving since sometime in 2006. We play songs you know, but we play em like the monkey-men we are. We think they sound better this way, but then... we also scratch ourselves and we are really fond of eating things that people throw at us. You'll have to decide for yourselves...

$7.00 - $10.00


Upcoming Events
Moe's Original BBQ - Englewood