Merry Riffmas with Serpent Throne

Serpent Throne

Described as proto-metal riff worship, hearing Serpent Throne is like
sitting in a garage in 1971 listening to your cool uncle's band
practice. The band's early material has a heavy primitive biker rock
vibe, while their later recordings evolve into epic guitar harmony
filled journeys.
So many instrumental bands of the genre tend to create long drawn out
psychedelic jams, yet Serpent Throne is known for their well
structured songs that evoke a range of emotions. One song can blend
the heaviness of early Black Sabbath with the triumphant melodies of
Wishbone Ash.


Gondola is a heavy acid-psych-rock trio with Rocky Rinaldi (guitar, vocals), Jordan Blumling (bass, vocals) and Tim Plunkett (Drums) from Philadelphia. Their sound is total sorcery. Snarling guitar soaring over sinister bass lines with lyrics conjured from the void, balanced with the attack, resonance and depth of the beat will leave you questioning this reality.

The Golden Grass

The glory of American hard rock music has returned! THE GOLDEN GRASS are here to bring that classic feel-good heavy boogie vibe, drenched with soulful vocals, psychedelic flourishes, progressive arrangements and deep improvisational interludes!

Formed in 2013, this Brooklyn power trio quickly signed to Finland’s Svart Records, before even playing their first gig, and have since released 1 full length LP and 2 EPs. UK’s Classic Rock Magazine gave their album an 8/10 calling it “A boogie-heavy anthem...This is rock at its most classic” and Shindig’s 4/5 review exclaimed “Rootsy psychedelia infused Southern country-rock that actually leaves you smiling!”. These boys are no strangers to the road either, as they’ve extensively toured the Northeast/Midwest US and embarked on 2 European Tours, earning them a devoted cult following, all in less than 2 years.

Their sound majestically encapsulates the timeless feel of 60’s/70’s influence. Taking a nod from legends like JAMES GANG, ALLMAN BROTHERS & GRAND FUNK, the soulful British psych/mod of THE MOVE, THE PRETTY THINGS & THE ACTION, and the heavy umph of BUDGIE, BLUE CHEER & BLACKFOOT to seal the deal, THE GOLDEN GRASS synthesize these influences into a seamless, memorable, and high-energy performance that screams from the past but is a welcome and much needed presence in the now! Hard rock lives! Keep on grassin’!



All shows are 21+ Proper I.D. required for admission

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