Creature Feature Presents: Frankenhooker

Creature Feature Presents: Karen Black Wednesday featuring Trilogy of Terror

Creature Feature returns to pay tribute to another classic horror film: Trilogy of Terror.

This time we will haunt the Double Door. Enter through a secret speak easy style door: "Door #3"

Do you party? Are you looking for a good time? Join us November 27th. Hosted again by club icon Jojo Baby (Boom Boom Room/ Jojo Baby the Movie) and resident Dj Peter Propaganda.

More details to follow... Stay tuned. Don't you touch that dial.


Hosted by: Jojo Baby

Who is JoJo Baby? Party animal. Shaman. Faggot. Artist. Tragedy. Freak. Genius. Love. These are just some of the labels he’s garnered. This very personal documentary attempts to explore the truth about JoJo Baby through the eccentric artist’s own words. Jojo unflinchingly shares his life and his art as he takes us on a tour of his legendary studio, featuring his hauntingly lifelike dolls, in Chicago’s historic Flatiron Building.

DJ Peter Propaganda

S@int (The Dead Room/StereoKiller Productions/Neo Chicago):

Performance artist, musician, DJ and founding member of The Dead Room, with a background in & a love for the Live DJ set, it’s not uncommon for him to include live sampling, synthesizers and many different types of media/technology in his sets. His style has varied, changed and evolved over the years from Trance, to Industrial, to House to Elektro. His evolution is constant. Describing his style best would be that he plays music. Sometimes it’s his, sometimes it’s other peoples and sometimes it's both.



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