PLAYDATE Launch Party with Christian A. Peakkontrol, Deep Woods, Eric Shans, Illich Mujica, Lytekode, Seth Hosko, Terron Darby

Christian A. Peakkontrol

BeatzNmyHeart | Sound Saintz | Regenerated


Peakkontrol's Insatiable Hunger for music has always been Deep in his Core.

It was not until 2002 when he picked up his first pair of Turn Tables That his DJ Journey really Began.
Inspired by Amazing friends.
(112 Crew) (ROBOTS) Dennis Rodgers, Bill Patrick, and the Mayor* AKA Diego Tabango.

He has immersed himself in this Celestial journey.
His Dedication as a DJ is to lift the human spirit through Music.
Holding Down residencies all over NYC like the Legendary Original Le Souk and Having Played Internationally.

Peakkontrol has a wide range when it comes to his mixing.

(Indienudisco.deephouse/Organic Techno/Creative Minimal Techno)
His provocative song selection will have you in a state of pure euphoria.
Christian A. is one of those that set the mood just perfectly for a night full of sexy , body thrusting dance moves.

OAK interview:

3Bridge Records

Deep Woods from NYC has developed a deep house sound with over 20 years of DJ experience, taking a journey through the dark forest within one’s mind. Brooklyn is a vast series of urban landscapes that bring forth many different feelings and emotions. Translating these feelings and emotions into music is what Deep Woods is about. Native to NYC, Deep Woods has combined the experience of NYC in the 1990′s and today into sonic soundscapes that evoke emotion on the dance floor. Influenced by the soul, funk & disco of the 70′s and the house music of the 90′s, Deep Woods has unleashed a signature sound on clubs since 1990 both in NYC and abroad. Always evolving, the sound of a Deep Woods production has changed over the years transporting you to a deep, rhythmic, mysterious forest the resides within your mind and your soul. Be prepared to experience the journey that is Deep Woods.

3Bridge Records

A producer and DJ residing in Brooklyn, NY, Eric Shans has been making music for almost 15 years. He has always been influenced by melodic, dreamy, sounds which have a smoldering surface of grit and dirt underneath, and his productions reflect this. With 3 Phenotract albums under his belt, and many other tracks produced under his own name, he strives to make music that pushes the envelope both with sound design and creativity. His DJing style is also an embodiment of this, paradoxically combining the dreamy and the dirty, and the light and the dark, creating a moving soundtrack for both the heart and the feet. 3Bridge Records, based in Brooklyn, has also taken Eric under it's wing, releasing stuff this past year with more upcoming soon.

"Light Of Day EP" on 3Bridge

Illich Mujica

Mothlab Recordings

Along with DJ partners Luis Padron and Azadi, Illich Mujica created one of the most well-regarded electronic dance music parties in New York City: “Techtonics.” ( Through Techtonics, Mujica has worked with such talented DJ/producers like Marc Romboy (Systematic Recordings, Germany), Joris Voorn (Rejected, Netherlands), Guy Gerber (Cocoon Recordings), and many other talented DJs. He's also shared the stage with renowned acts such as Green Velvet, Duke Dumont, Radio Slave, Cari Lekebusch and Davide Squillace.

Mujica was hand-picked by Made Events to be the sole opening local DJ for their infamous “Save the Cannibals” Techno party for legendary DJ/Producer Joris Voorn, and more recently by Verboten to open up their Circoloco party featuring Matthias Tanzmann and Davide Squillace.
Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Mujica's influences are diverse, ranging from Nine Inch Nails, The Cure and Depeche Mode, to Prodigy and Daft Punk, to Aphex Twin, Richie Hawtin, Sasha and John Digweed. The result is a dark but elevating, authentic, high-energy musical sense delivered in the form of sophisticated track-selection and refined mixing that leaves everyone always asking for more.

Lytekode is the live audio-visual performance project of Philip Eichhorn. This fully developed stage show is performed live on Roland V-Drums that trigger a Dj minded deep Techno and House world of sound in real time with visuals synched to the drums and musical progressions. Simply put, Lytekode Dj/Vj’s original tracks on his electronic drum set. Philip has been pushing the limits of what is possible on a laptop since 2007 at the inception of this project for an experimental senior thesis project at Brown University. The initial goal of this effort was to perform a live drum show that would be indistinguishable from a Dj/Vj collaboration you would see at a warehouse, club, or festival. Lytekode 2013 supersedes this initial goal by transforming a room into a futuristic space that engages a higher more synchronous dimension of audio-visual reality. Philip has been an active participant and follower of the explosive underground Brooklyn electronic music scene since 2007. Lytekode has Vj’d and Projection Mapped full-scale warehouse parties for a variety of Resolute and BlkMarket events while also working with Nuit Blanche’s Bring to Light and Autumn Bowl. The rich and diverse music scene in New York has heavily influenced Philip’s approach to creating a musical experience that incorporates the full spectrum of live performance capability from concept to delivery.

Lytekode’s sound and visual aesthetic has evolved over the years from a more experimental noise approach to a polished blend of danceable electronic bass heavy concoctions. Plentiful percussion from Detroit, world, and minimal styles keeps the groove moving along sweeping ambient soundscapes. Clean rolling sub bass drives tracks forward into hypnotic crescendos anchored by a straight-ahead four on the floor kick while an array of synthesizers takes the listener on a journey to deep melodic moments punctuated by tracky hooks that light up the dance floor. A variety of textures sourced from analog machines and vinyl records also fill out the sound adding character and depth to transitions that employ a variety of vocal blends bringing the moment into context with suggestive phrases and seductive lines. Tying everything together, Philip occasionally sings with shoegazey reverbed out and sometimes pitched down vocals adding a very human emotive element to his deep driving dance tracks. Listeners will experience deep soul, electro, dark, minimal, ambient, tech and house flavors flowing out of the drums.
The visual component of the show takes the audience on a journey through Philip’s surrealistic dreamscape video collage world that is worked to support the theme or mood of the song to which it is paired. This is unlike any live show you have seen thus far… a live drummer playing the most advanced drum synthesizer that triggers a Techno and House world of sound with visuals synched to paint a subtle plot line that guides the viewer’s experience. Lytekode is coming soon to a dance music theatre near you.


Seth is first and foremost a violinist, and built a passion for experimental electronic music that recently landed him behind the decks. His individual style reflects his instrumental roots -- melodies and experimental elements strewn with both elegance and sophistication. So far in 2014, Seth has played at Detroit's Movement Festival and Burning Man. His first productions are expected late this year.



Terron Darby is shining his light proving that experience and deep understanding make him one of the freshest talents on the east coast house music scene.
Co founder of Miami based DJ collective DHM (Deep House Movement), Darby has been deeply entrenched in the house community since the early 90’s. From managing a record store, to his foundational music composition roots as a professional audio engineer, to a technology educator with loads of accolades to boast… through it all, he has found his way into a new place on his musical passageway in New York.

Darby knows his way around music and while he could adopt the “been there, done that attitude” rather adopts an infectious and luminous personality, solid perspective of balance paired with a zealous dedication to his calling.
With a focus on his own production efforts, worldwide exposure, and New York party movement "PLAYDATE”–It’s apparent his accomplishments thus far are paying off and receiving love not just from the dance floor, but also from peers and the industry alike. At the core, Darby’s quest in music thrives from emotion –the feeling of positive energy and blissful expression.
“Anything that’s this special to me (as music) in such a powerful way - I simply want to share this feeling so that the person experiencing it can create their own story with it. If something is good it will find its way . . .”

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