Thrillington, Juka, Rams Head Lady Slipper


a quartet for the end of time


A collaboration between Banks Harris and Caleb McMahon to create an old school tape sound with nothing but slick licks sweet vibes and dirty groove,

thank you to all of my incredible friends who helped me make this possible and to anyone who wants to collaborate for the future

Rams Head Lady Slipper

In late 2011, Brendan Fitzpatrick set out to write a song everyday. And that he did. Not all of them were great, but about 150 of them were pretty damn good. He began recording them in the tiny space between the bedroom and kitchen of his New York apartment. He is now very rich in songs and everything else except money. In January 2014, Ram’s Head Lady Slipper will release its first album “January” and so begin a year of full-length monthly releases.

$8.00 - $10.00


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