Cstraight was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL where he lived with both parents and his twin brother. His family raisedhim in church from the age of 3 to adulthood. During his younger years, he fell in love with hip-hop culture after seeing "Leaders of the New School" video for "PTA", and afterward, he was hooked. Cstraight loved Wu Tang, AZ, NAS, Biggie,and many more hip-hop artists. Cstraight accepted Jesus as his Savior at the age of 13, and during the coming years, he would develop an interest in rhyming.
He joined a Christian rap group, "The Remnant", and although the group never released an album, they touched many people with the gospel through countless events and functions. Later, Cstraight would endure, and eventually succomb to some of the pitfalls of high school and college life after being sheltered within the walls of home and church. As many youth that grow up in the church do, he also began to feel as though he was missing out on something. This curiosity drew him away from the things of God which resulted in fornication and loosing the gift of virginity. During his early 20's, he began to attend a Word-based church. Not only did this church teach him the Word of God, but also he had an in depth encounter with God. Cstraight began to submerge himself more into the things of God and serving in his local ministry. In 2004, Cstraight released his first solo album, "The Nearest Truth" under the rap-name "Likewise".

During that same year, Cstraight met his wife at work. They dated for a year, then committed themselves to covenant of marriage in May 2005 after which they both served in youth ministry.Today, they are raising two beautiful daughters in a Godly home, but things weren't always this perfect. In 2006, they gave birth to their first son who tragically passed away 2 weeks later due to complications. This loss caused Cstraight to doubt his faith and God which subsequently led him into into the sick pleasures of sin including drinking, clubbing and neglecting his duty as a husband and father. Before long, Cstraight was at rock bottom with a broken faith, broken marriage, and a broken heart from his loss. One Sunday morning, while passed-out on the floor from a night of drinking and partying, his wife took their daughter to church and rededicated her life to God. Cstraight feeling conviction and Godly sorrow recommited his life to God. Since then, he has served God faithfully.

Not long after he rededicated his life, he reconnected with an old friend, Brinson, who was in the same ministry. While with Brinson, Cstraight was lead to serve as a hype man with no other intention but to serve and be a blessing. Cstraight rocked countless stages with Brinson for 2 years, which led to the oppurtunity to be featured on "Dats Gospel 2" mixtape and Brinson's sophmore album "OMG". These collaborations lead to an even bigger opportunity of working on his own project " So Not Cool" which will be released April 26, 2011. Recently, Cstraight and his family has relocated to Little Rock, AR because he was called to to serve on the youth empowerment team for Harmony Church of Arkansas in Little Rock, AR.

Jacksonville-based emcee Rkitect began honing his craft alongside his partner in rhyme, 2nd Wind, and their crew of emcees who composed the Elementz. He has since gone solo, and crafted a manifesto of his own that aims to provide a comprehensive statement that speaks for hip-hop purists and those who desire greater quality in their rap music. He hopes it has an impact that reaches far beyond his pen and pad.

From a young age, Julio Agosto, later known as “Rkitect”, knew he was different. While most young people his age were lost in adolescence, Rkitect began to discover his true calling as a writer, music producer, and hip-hop artist. In late 1999, at the age of 19, Rkitect met “Killa Al”, an experienced and well 
respected underground hip-hop artist. The two instantly became a unit and eventually formed the super-group “Elementz”, and the journey began.

Paying dues as an opening act while relentlessly recording their freshman debut soon paid off. Gaining international acclaim for their debut the Manhattan Project in late 2003, Elementz hit the ground running after signing a deal with Shabach Entertainment and Diamante Distribution. CrossRythms Magazine in the U.K. said: 
“Julio and Al spin a very distinctive and intense East Coast style that’s often sombre yet combining a dynamic spiritual warfare battle vibe. This is hard hitting “take no prisoners” stuff where (unusually) obvious thought has gone into the variety and mix of atmospheric hooks and sensitive beats.”

Elementz toured, recorded, and wrote music together for almost a decade. Rkitect knew that even though his group was gaining success, God had called him for something else, something greater. In 2008, Rkitect reinvented himself. He abandoned conventional methods and distanced himself from the corporate music agenda adopting a revolutionary mind set. Diving head first into the underground hip-hop scene, Rkitect established himself as a formidable presence among his peers. Gaining the moniker “subterranean super soldier”, Rkitect gained praise from the true hip hop purists from across the globe. From Japan to Germany, forums and blogs surfaced about the lyricist that has unfastened the stigma of the faith-based artist. Now a new voice was reviewing Rkitect’s work, the people! Although considered among the best hip-hop albums of 2009 and best 5 albums in the first half of 2009 by the bloggers of Nationofhiphop.net, Rkitect remains humble and optimistic. Using his past as a weapon and aiming it at the future, Rkitect finds solace in his new calling, Revolution!

I create biblical confessions, creeds, and catechisms in musical form to help the average lay Christian understand Scripture more clearly. I love my job.

Crucified Saints

Gospel hip-hop recording group, Crucified Saints,
storms on the scene addressing social ills that attack adults, youth and generations to come. Bondage, compromising, deception and spiritual warfare are just a few topics addressed in their lyrics. The lyrics and concepts for each song is directed and deposited in each member by the Lords Spirit.

Tony Threat & Ever Ready come together to form Black Ant Productions. Their collaboration is the result of several Crucified Saints' tracks. Realizing the impact that Hip Hop music has on all cultures, Crucified Saints has opened their hearts and opened the eyes of those who would not select Hip-Hop as a choice of music.

The places they have performed and ministered in are a testament to diversity:
St.Simons Island GA.
Fernandina Beach FL
Kings Bay, GA,
Jasper FL,
Flavor Fest, Tampa FL.
Holy Hip Hop Awards Atlanta, GA.,
South Carolina,
New York,
North Carolina,
Boston, MA.,
Prisons, Juvenile Facilities, various clubs and churches including performances at Murray Hill Theater in Jacksonville, FL.
Crucified Saints has received numerous awards and honors for their community support in the City of Jacksonville, Florida from The Edward Waters College, Department of Juvenile Justice, plus earned a nomination for the 2008 artist and video of the year from the Youth Entertainment Gospel Awards in Atlanta, Ga.
In 1998 Crucified Saints released their first single entitled
"Dead Man Walkin' which gained them notoriety in the Florida, South Georgia and the Carolinas. Their second EP entitled "Born to Die, Only To Live Again" exploded them onto the major hip hop scene earning them a nomination as artist of the year in Jacksonville, FL. Crucified Saints received major radio play from internet and local radio stations.

In 2000 - 2001 Crucified Saints introduced thier own Gospel hip hop show "God's Underground" to the North Florida & Georgia area giving listeners an awareness of the hip hop movement.

In 2003 Crucified Saints released "Life of A Christian", their first full length recording project; on their independent record label 7th Realm Entertainment. "Life Of A Christian" propelled them to national and international platforms.
"Life Of A Christian" has international sales ranging from Brazil, South America, Japan, Germany, Switzerland all the way to national sales in California, Texas, New York, Arizona, Florida, Virginia and South Carolina.

In 2004 Crucified Saints displayed street credibility by releasing IMPATHI, the 7th Realm Entertainment Mix CD. This blessed the streets of New York, South Carolina, Florida and internet radio by lacing the word of God with hot lyrical content.

In 2007 Crucified Saints released thier fourth album Southern Gospel. This album has exceeded the expectation of many. Already receiving local nominations in their home town of Jacksonville, Florida for their 12th year as a ministry team, Crucified Saints show no signs of slowing down. Their 2008 events calendar included performances through out North & South Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Virgia, Georgia and Boston . Their online CD sales and digital downloads reached national and international markets including, Russia, Switzerland, England, Japan, and Australia.
2009 - Block Music, the highly anticipated new album from God Realm Music Group hits the streets spring of 2009. Block Music is teh culmination of experiences of each group member. God Realm's music intertwines the elements of street life, love of Hip Hop, and messages of hope and redemption from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These messages are passionately delivered to all cultures and generations.

Crucified Saints
On being servants and messengers for The Christ; the listeners of our music can expect aggressive evangelism mixed with East coast and Southern flavored Hip Hop. Crucified Saints makes no apologies for giving the uncompromised word of God. We are able to minister to the masses because we take up our cross and crucify our flesh daily....


Christian Hip Hop Rapper

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