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Big fun comes in small sizes with PEP! To alleviate that day to day stress for the working man and give an extra smile in the kitchen for the stay at home mom! That's because PEP is not just another musical sensation – it's the only one of its kind! A cunning blend of melodic flavors that serve to titillate the ear buds, PEP has even been scientifically proven to heighten those intimate moments between couples. Don't take our word for it, listen for yourself!

Sarah Factor

Sarah Factor is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Toronto and proudly calls both cities home. Ever since she was four years old she would put on performances for her family and friends. Happy to have found her niche in New York City's folk music scene, Sarah plays shows all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. She looks forward to touring and releasing her first album. Until then, she hopes to continue singing for anyone who will listen!

The Demos


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