Peeling Grey

Peeling Grey was formed in June of 2008 by Andy Smith and Mike O’Hare. In previous years Smith had taken a stab at writing lyrics and experimenting with four track home recordings. With Mike’s offer to use his Hollywood apartment to jam, old words and music would finally see the light of day. By July the collaboration had become official. With Smith on vocals and bass, and Mike on guitar, the duo wrote “Faith In Forever”, “Peeling Grey”, and “Away From Home”; the songs based off old ideas that were now coming into fruition.

As songs took shape, the duo searched for a drummer. By coincidence, Smith reestablished contact with an old friend, Richard Nielsen. Both had jammed in the past but lost touch over the years. In October of 2008, Nielsen was recruited to join the fold on drums. The band moved out of O’Hare’s apartment and into Nielsen’s job, being a warehouse where he also worked. “James Quarterly” shortly joined the growing setlist. The final piece of the puzzle was keyboardist Naren Renz, who joined in December of that year. Renz and Smith already shared a musical past being former members of local bands such as Monochrome and Nightmare of the Elf. By early 2009 work began on “The Strip”, a song addressing tensions in the Middle East, “The Girl I’ll Never Know”, and “Soulless”.

The band made its debut live performance at Fonzfest with The Clash City Rockers (Clash tribute) on April 18th, 2009. A string of live shows all over the Los Angeles area slowly kickstarted local interest in the band, particularly from the underground Indie, Post Punk, and Goth scenes.

A demo EP released in August of 2009 titled “The Peeling Sessions” was recorded and produced by friend James Hazley, formerly of Cockeyed Ghost. Hazley and Smith had already played together in the Chaste and both with Renz in Nightmare of the Elf. Over 500 free demos had been distributed worldwide, which includes the United States, Germany, and England. This resulted in growing exposure and airplay on NME Internet Radio in the UK.

Mike O’Hare left the group in September after their performance at Silver Factory Studios. Their producer James Hazley would assume the vacancy. Christian Mendez of Pins and Needles would eventually be the replacement on guitar in February, 2010. A successful gig at the famous Release the Bats club in March would increase further interest in the band thus landing them on the map of local upcoming acts. Peeling Grey was also included on the compilation “Darkness Before Dawn Vol 2″. Their demo version of “Peeling Grey” packed the dancefloors that year at the WGT festival in Leipzig, Germany.

Despite this growing momentum, co-founder Richard “Grey” Nielsen also parted ways in May of 2010. Producer James Hazley was called in for a second tour of duty, this time on drums. Hazley would continue on board as producer. Despite the changing line-up, plans were set in motion for their debut full-length album “The World’s Not Sorry”. Recording commenced at Surplus Studios in July with Rocker Meadows.

A second demo EP of pre-production tracks was released shortly after the album sessions began titled “Pre-Worlds”. Tracks from their demos along with new material such as “Young Heart”, “Summer Days Unsaid”, and “The End of the Road” would be featured on their debut full-length release.

“The World’s Not Sorry” was released in February of 2011. The record release event at Bordello was another milestone in Peeling Grey’s growing local popularity, commanding a respectable turnout. Greg Reely known for his work with Sarah McLachlan, Front Line Assembly, and Skinny Puppy is noted for the mastering of “TWNS”.

Christian Mendez was replaced by Kevin Wetlands of Programmed for Pleasure in the summer of 2011. However, Kevin’s time filling in the guitarist role would be temporary, and just enough to get the group through some local gigs for the next few months, and participate in the “James Quarterly” music video, directed and photographed by filmmaker & documenter Robert E. Ball Jr. The video would be Smith’s first attempt at writing and producing a music video. “James Quarterly” would focus on the intended storyline depicted in the lyrics, and premiere at Release the Bats, April of 2012.

A follow-up recording to “TWNS” titled “Broken Glass” was released shortly after the “JQ” video. The track was written by James Hazley with Smith adding words and vocals. The single would be a departure from the group’s previous sound, unveiled in July, 2012.

With Kevin’s commitment fulfilled, the old guitar vacancy would haunt the group again. Finally in 2012 Andy would assume the role of guitarist, but stay on vocals. James Hendrix, formerly of Sleepmask, would play bass. The then reconfigured line-up would debut at Part Time Punks at the Echo, and would go on to tour Texas, and play a few other out of town events.

By November PG’s luck had seem to run out. Hazley would make his way off the drummer’s throne, resulting in the band’s indefinite hiatus from the show circuit. On the creative end inspiration had also run dry. For the first time matters, seem uncertain as an ailing trio tried to figure out where to go and what to do. The scene locally and abroad were changing with a some other groups facing a similar crisis. It was time for Smith and crew to reevaluate what was important, and if they could still stay relevant to an atmosphere of both evolving and fickle tastes. December would see little activity on the PG front.

In January of 2013 it was finally decided that Peeling Grey would write new material, recruit a drummer, and essentially save the ship from its own near demise. Home writing sessions at Smith’s would be the birthplace of the next phase of PG. “Our Sky’s Falling”, “Flowers for the Dead”, “Stars Break Away”, and “Life of Sin” would revitalize the creative process, and further inspire the trio to make a return to the live arena. Brad Hartman would become the new drummer in March, and Dave Scott of Element would relieve Hendrix on bass in late May.

After seven months of no shows the band made its official return to the stage, with a new line-up, and songs at Release the Bats, June of 2013. A second music video is currently in production, and their sophomore full-length release is expected to arrive in 2014.

Peeling Grey has their sights set on further developing their sound that is routed in Post Punk. Despite their routes and influences that span many facets of that era, the group looks towards the future of music…..Akin to the original spirit of the past.

Roadside Memoral

Back in 1986, Daniel Knop and James Saunders played together in a Post-Punk, Dark Wave band called On Beyond. After the band parted ways in the early '90's, Daniel lent his talents as a singer/songwriter and frontman, to many bands in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the same time, James relocated to Seattle, where he rubbed shoulders with many of the top movers and shakers of the then-burgeoning Grunge movement. Meanwhile, Casey Castille was embarking on a ten-year career fronting her own band, The Mimsies, who garnered major label interest, toured North America and left an underground legacy in their wake.

In the intervening years, between playing in bands, Daniel applied his considerable theatrical expertise to stage productions of many well-known musicals, directing and starring in Jesus Christ Superstar, Tommy, The Rocky Horror Show and Pink Floyd's The Wall. The success of these productions encouraged Daniel and his co-producers to write and produce their own theatrical work, Abigail, a rock opera treatment of the Salem witch trials.

Roadside Memorial was formed in 2010, in the ashes of Daniel's band Pan Demon. Rehearsing late nights after dancing at San Francisco's Goth and New Wave clubs, the band's sound coalesced from these same influences. Perfectly timed, James returned home from Seattle to reunite with Daniel and help return the two musicians to their original sound. Casey joined the band two years later, after singing harmonies on the original demos and managing the band, in addition to singing the title role of Abigail in Daniel's rock opera. Playing keyboards for Roadside Memorial returned Casey to her musical roots as well, allowing her to draw on a love of New Wave, New Romantic and Post-Punk she's enjoyed since childhood.

Sorrow Church

Sorrow Church is irresistibly danceable, dark, and aggressive, full of pulsating beats, electronics, distorted guitars, and haunting vocals. Their live show is an intense audio, visual, and emotional experience that will leave you wanting more. Founded in Oakland, CA in 2012, Sorrow Church will release their debut LP "Grace" in 2014.


Dominion, from San Francisco, play a combination of atmospheric 80's Goth Rock and Progressive Hard Rock, drawing creative inspiration from the foggy skies of the San Francisco Bay Area, from prophecies of impending Apocalypse, surrender and Philippine folklore. Dominion is celebrated in their Motherland as bastions of "Filipino styled Goth Rock," having shared stages with Eve of Destiny, Kozi of Malice Mizer, and The Angina Pectoris. Surely Fans of the Sisters of Mercy and the Cult will be delighted to hear this band.



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