Weekday Warriors

Comprised of Russell ¿Que?, Lord Dan, Funky Fingers, and Torb, the Weekday Warriors have been playing together for around a year. The band has become known for their unique style of acoustic hip hop, as well as their numerous spontaneous jam sessions with local musicians and other artists. The band is always interested in collaboration, and is always entertaining while performing. You can always catch them around at Open Mics, especially at their home base of Mojo Main.

My Name is Drew

My Name is Drew is many things. We are individuals, we have are own views, musical interests, opinions, and lives. As different as we all are in our musical tastes and styles, we find a way to come together to make a sound that we feel is right. If the music makes us feel something, and makes the audience feel something-then we are in the right place. Founded on strong friendships and the desire to create music that is fun to perform and speaks to us in its own way, MNiD has made it through the highs and lows; it is simply just the start

We are a family. Brothers. Musicians. We are a belief-that somehow, something big will come out of this tiny state and make a name, not just for themselves, but for the fans who believe in having a good time at shows, jumping when no one else will, screaming at the top of their lungs just because they feel like it. We are My Name is Drew.

A Reckless Daring

Connor Morgan -drums, making us not suck
Philip Todd -bass, vocals
Austen Morgan -guitar, vocals

The Checkered Heroes

Honestly were just a bunch of rockers from the Newark area who pulled together four different genres 80's metal, punk, metalcore, and classic rock and make the music that we make now.

Ryan Gorman - Lead Vocals
Nick Marra - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Shawn Bahm - Bass/Backing Vocals
Charlie Greaves - Drums



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