Sometimes the moment of clarity becomes something continual, rather than an instant. For Denver rock reggae/ska outfit, P-Nuckle, that evolution is about to be more apparent than ever. A matured sense of lucidity, coupled with the experience of a musical career spanning over a decade, has the group poised and ready for national ascent. Known for a dedicated passion for delivering messages of hope and triumph over adversity has allowed the band to cultivate an extremely loyal fanbase; one that is sure to grow with the release of the band's fourth studio album, "Stand Up and Bitch". Slotted for a release this fall, the album will give fans a direct glimpse of a full-grown set of ideals from one of Colorado's most recognized bands. With eclectic musical influences ranging from Dancehall Reggae to straight ahead punk rock, P-Nuckle has always created a memorable live experience. While their next album may be a bit more mature, don't expect any less intense of a live show. The band is ready to celebrate the journey that has created this album with a beefed up tour schedule. The national P-Nuckle family of fans, affectionately known as "Nuckleheads" will get the chance to see more of the band, then they have in the past year, and have every opportunity to be a part of the vibe of a P-Nuckle show. There are some bands that are a part of the times, and then there are some bands that create the times. Get ready for P-Nuckle!!!

Mr. Majestyk's 8 Track Revival (And His Cavalcade of All-stars)

So, what exactly *is* MR. MAJESTYK'S 8-TRACK REVIVAL
(And His Cavalcade of All-Stars)??
We're glad you asked.
To answer that, we must enter (not so quietly) into the realm of GENIUS:
A Band forged with the toughest musicians there are, performing musical masterpieces from THE ERA: the 1970s.
Their musical choices don’t dwell within the obvious cheese, nay; they drill deep into the medulla oblongata for the songs you REALLY LOVED when they were played on the radio. These are the songs that blasted from the 8-track player of your '70 Challenger as you hurtled thru the desert, Vegas-bound.
MM8TR has grown to an 8-piece extravaganza; lead vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums, and a 3-piece string section. Yes. A STRING section.

Vagiant - The Tighest Band In The World!
Made up of top Denver professionals, Vagiant, the Tightest Band in the World, delivers classic 70's covers with the fun knob cranked up to 11 (and then busted off). Album rock played live. Way fucking live.

Fatty's Big Chance

Delicious pop-punk... Always bursting with minty freshness!

Dbone Acoustics

“Upcoming sensation dbone @GilesDusty releases new single “Love A Woman” this track is a must listen!” Starlight Music Group A&R

“His guitar playing and voice have a smooth refreshing style that captivates your soul and activates your auditory senses.” RIFF MAGAZINE

REAL –Singer, Songwriter, Original, rhythmic, acoustic,
Different, catchy, progressive, and… Unique.
The 20th anniversary of D-Bone is this year, and the celebration has begun. With over 25 albums, and 1000 plus performances all over the United States, like The Whiskey a Go-Go in Hollywood, Schoolhouse Studio’s in New York City, and Springwater in Nashville. Between the years of 1995 and 2005 he was performing on average 100 gigs a year. He performed in home concerts, coffee shops, to bars, to theatres, at raves, and even at a few outdoor festivals. Then a change occurred in his career when children were born and raised and so…
Over the last seven years he was part of a worship band at Calvary Church in Englewood, Colorado. This was an excellent means for stage presence and technique because they performed two times a week. The ability to continually learn new material every Sunday was another rewarding benefit. But he was not called to stay within the walls of the church or home he had built for his family. She had other things on her mind (and body) and when he was told, everything stopped…except the music, the jams, in fact the writing got really good, and he began to paint pictures with his songs. A decision was to be made.
D-Bone returned to the scene by entertaining the idea of remastering all of his albums and to digitally upload The “Archives” onto the web. The response was good and now, new material and events are in the works, but above all that is the message he’s now delivering and the unbelievably catchy “get stuck in your head” for days music. It seems to connect with folks differently than most. He’s back and the tour starts soon, don’t miss this incredible journey.
Follow him…check out his links page…right here!

$8.00 - $10.00


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