Kirin J. Callinan

Kirin J. Callinan

You are Kirin J Callinan. You are from Australia. You don't put a period after your middle initial. You slick your hair back, mostly to keep it out of the way. You will be moving a lot, herky-jerky.

"Kirin J Callinan is 2013′s most kinetic, confounding, and exciting "new" artist. For real! This is an opinion easier to come upon, and maintain, if you've had the good fortune of seeing him live intermittently over the past six months, as I have. (At Glasslands for CMJ, where he ruled, and a few weeks ago in a startlingly intimate 40-person theater near Union Square, where he ruled again, this time as a campy mix of Scott Walker and Patrick Bateman.)" --Stereogum

"On the title track of his debut LP Embracism, Australian howler Kirin J Callinan introduced himself with fight music. His approach to love-themed music sounds every bit as confrontational on his second single, as sharp guitar chords are erratically scraped, mangled, and pitch-shifted throughout "Love Delay" while Callinan belts out lusty lyrics in a throat-shredding howl and personifies fire so he can commune with it. Between the two songs, he establishes an understandable artistic premise, to imply the scraps and conflicts of the schoolyard and the bedroom are triggered by the same animalistic urges." --Pitchfork


“Matt Kivel's Double Exposure is a small masterpiece of humble virtues: warm, patient, calm. It is beautifully, pristinely recorded, finely wrought; its ten songs represent some of the least insistent music you will be spellbound by all year.
The muffled boom of the bass drum on "White Rice", the pearly piano notes, ringing down a long hallway in "Rainbow Trout", the humming—insect looping guitars that swarm through "All Will Be Well", the small bursts of static at the edges of "Days of Heaven"—each touch registers like an event within the hallowed space that Kivel creates. The album doesn't so much grow on you as accrete, like daytime shadow creeping across the room. It's been seven months since I first tried to puzzle out Double Exposure, and it keeps eluding me. I don't know when I'll want to stop trying, but not soon.” — Jayson Greene (Pitchfork)

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