dir. Nurith Aviv, France, 2011, digital, 70 min.

Translation is the focus in the final part of Nurith Aviv’s documentary trilogy exploring language and linguistics. People from all backgrounds have been sharing and disseminating knowledge for ages. Without translations, such exchanges could not happen. In her latest film, Nurith Aviv focuses on these passionate bridge-builders; men and women who shun the limelight to spread the written word.

Aviv was born in Israel and started working as a lead camera operator in 1969. Since 1989, she has devoted all her time to documentaries and in the last 10 years she has concentrated on written and spoken Hebrew, and it’s involvement beyond the reach of linguistics. The first part of this project, completed in 2004, was Misafa Lesafa: From Language to Language. –Jaques Mandelbaum, Guardian Weekly UK



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