Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas

Jefferey Allen Thomas will use his residency as an open rehearsal of sketches for a new symphony to be premiered early next year. This symphony will be the second from his project “The Work of Jack Daedalus Edwards”. The rehearsals will begin at 9:30 pm and end at 11:30 pm, with a 20 minute break in the middle. They are open to the public, who are encouraged to drink for the benefit of the composer and musicians, who plan on making many creative mistakes.

Week I 11/5/13: Interludes, and several other kinds of very short pieces.

Week II 11/12/13: Etudes and Arrangements.

Week III 11/19/13: 4 sketches 4 movements of medium length.

Week IV 11/26/13: One long piece for one large ensemble.

Jefferey Allen Thomas is a Chicago composer known for his work with Mucca Pazza, Greek composer Michael Karras, and as music director for the annual ‘Hideout Makeout Party’. He has also worked with Redmoon Theater, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Bobby Conn, The Honkeys, and many other Chicago bands and theater companies. He has also scored several short and feature films. He holds a degree in Philosophy and Music composition, and is a stay-at-home father of two boys. His current project is a group of symphonies based on the fictional music theory book by his grandfather called “The Work of Jack Daedalus Edwards.”

$5 at the door

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