Jackie Paper

Jackie Paper

Philadelphia five piece psychedelic pop rock band with banjo, uke, and flute adding to the already eclectic sound.

Daniel Harris

When I moved to Boston in 2006, I started listening to NPR on a regular basis and was introduced to This American Life. Since then, when I'm in my car about the town, I'm on an NPR station (WBUR or WGBH); when I'm on tour or long trips, This American Life keeps me company. While I love the news and stories, I'm always especially clued into the music; as a lifelong sound sponge and musician of nearly 20 years, it's hard not to be. Bugging my film producer cousin to use my work or hire me, he suggested I just take something I like and score it in the meantime. Since whenever I'm listening to This American Life I always think, "Damn, my music would sound great here," I decided to take Jordan's advice and score This American Life.

Traveling through years of This American Life episodes and literally hundreds of pieces I've written over the years, I spent months matching melodies to memories. The result is, "Maybe it's better if you hear this in a British accent," the opening line of one of the pieces. Taking clips from stories such as "Switched at Birth," and "Thugs," to one about a duck falling in love with a rock, the process was at all points a dream-like collaboration between me and my favorite radio show



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