Lindsay Dragan, Sam McTavey, Daniel King

Lindsay Dragan

Lindsay Dragan seeks to blend not only the overtones of her influences, but also the direct influence of her musical past along with lush, thoughtful, and provoking lyrics. She believes that music is the glue that holds everyone together.

Sam McTavey

Sam grew up in the Northern Westchester hamlet of Katonah, New York, within a family of carpenters, bakers, artists and musicians. At eight he announced to his family that he wanted to play the saxaphone. At 10 his father, George, introduced him to the banjo, teaching him the licks that would introduce him to the world of stringed instruments. The musical seed had been planted. A self pronounced band geek, he began to train his ear to the sounds of jazz and blues. But growing up with folk icon Sloan Wainwright for a mother it was hard not to write songs. By the time he had finished college, he had found his own voice and a new style had been added to the family mix. With a rich voice, described as gravelly and bluesy, Sam writes and sings from a deep emotional place in a distinctive blues voice that opens a window into the mind of this promising songwriter.

Though he spends his weekdays tackling the dicey environmental issues you see in the news (Bachelors of Science in Geology) he is most comfortable on-stage under the lights. Sam has shared the stage with his extended family, opening for Rufus Wainwright, Lucy Wainwright Roche and of course his mom Sloan Wainwright!

Sam has recently released a three song EP, which showcases his songwriting ability and distinctive voice and ends with the distinctive solo track Vertical Drain. Keep your ears open for Sam McTavey!

Daniel King


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