Million Hits

Million Hits

Precocious tween/teen rockers, Million Hits formed in the Summer of 2010 in the St. Louis MO area. The band consists of founding cousins, Eli Wallace (age 15, drums) and Christian Wallace (age 14, lead guitar), along with Jonah Roy (age 12, vocals, guitar), Connor Ouchi (age 13, bass) and Olivia Vaughn (age 15, lead vocals). Although extremely young, Million Hits has grown to become a formidable force on live stages around the St. Louis area. In just three years, Million Hits has evolved from enthused “Camp Jam” participants to headlining act at established St. Louis venues. In 2012, Million Hits began to shift its focus from performing covers to writing and performing its own material. Their debut single, “Get Outta Mah Face” was released globally on iTunes January 29, 2013. A follow-up single, “Kiss & Kill Me” was released on iTunes February 14, 2013. The music video for “Get Outta Mah Face”, directed by Brian McClelland, was released March 6, 2013 on YouTube. The band performed on Fox2′s Morning Show with Tim Ezell June 10, 2013. The band continues to write new material and grow as aspiring artists. In their first three years, Million Hits has written the opening chapter of what will surely be a remarkable story in the book of rock’n’roll.

Static Life

Flood Logic

Flood Logic is a band of Kirkwood-area high-schoolers that began as a talent show band in 2010 and developed into a tight group known for punk-rock originals and off-beat covers by such groups as Ween, Talking Heads, and Ben Kweller. Flood Logic has opened for national touring acts State And Madison, Kady Z, and Patent Pending, along with shows at local festivals and clubs.


Coming from the a primarily classic rock background, Deric & Dylan Becker began Decedy. The lovechild of classic rock and new. They are a three piece rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. "Classic rock music is why we started this band and we will never forget we started this band, to make rock music."



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