Mack JoVin, Piranhas in Your Hot Tub

Mack JoVin

"The glorious Mack JoVin somehow formed in the scum of the earth known as Branford, Connecticut. It started when Mike Ziggy, a prodigy in the surgeon field (specializing in breast implants) was out one night looking for a hooker. He went down the usual alley, and rolled down his window to solicit what he believed to be a nice young woman. It turned out to be Joe Quartiano, who was also looking for sex. Instead, they discussed their musical interest and decided to form a band. One day, at a recording studio owned by Vincenzo Perricone, the duo noticed Vin in his black and white pinstriped suit, smoking a cigar, playing a one-on-one game of Texas Hold ’Em poker with the Devil. Vin lost his money early, and sold his soul to the Devil to buy his way back into the game. Vin’s next streak was so good, the Devil wagered Vin’s soul as a final all-in bluff. Vin called it, and simultaneously won the game and his soul. Mike and Joe, seeing Vin’s charisma and suaveness, knew they could not let someone else acquire his services, so they offered him a position as bassist and vocalist, which he gladly accepted. On their way to a gig, they noticed a hobo living out of a beat up 1996 Nissan Altima who was playing guitar rather decently. He was known only as The Cabrito. Seeing that The Cabrito could play many of the tunes the three wanted to play, they wanted to add The Cabrito to the roster. The Cabrito joined, citing his need of money for an assortment of drugs and Slim Jims. The band, now known as Mack JoVin, is currently the best band that no one knows about. Their goal is to be the most popular band in the Continent of Antarctica and the Island of Guam by 2037."

Piranhas in Your Hot Tub

Connecticut alternative/ punk.



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