MRJR, Up Nights, The Faction, Five O'clock FIre

Matt Rivard & Jon Ruffini have been making music together since 2003. Over the past decade they have formed several bands under different names, recorded multiple albums, and played small shows throughout the Philadelphia suburbs. They come to you today as MRJR.

Up Nights

Up Nights is an Emo, Indie Rock duo blending complex but dark guitar and vocal melodies, primitive drums, while telling somber tales of human nature.
Although there is always a brighter side, we choose to express the darker side of life. If things don't change, we are all going to burn.

Andrew Townsend - Guitar
David Sanchez - Drums, vocals

The Faction

An alternative band hailing from Middletown, Delaware formed by Gabe Spadaccini and Reid Ferguson accompanied by Troy Hamill and Jared Konicoff.


The Faction is a four-man, alternative band from Middletown, Delaware. Formed
by Gabe Spadaccini (drums) and Reid Ferguson (guitar/vocals) in 2011, the group
has played at small bars and schools around Delaware where they have been an
instant hit and packed the house. After gaining some recognition and popularity,
the two members picked up Troy Hamill (guitar/backing vocals) and Jared Konicoff
(bass) and decided to record their first CD, Black Friday, late November of 2012.
The band recently went back into the studio record their new EP, Found A Home
in early March of 2013.

Five O'clock FIre

Once upon a time, there was an electrical fire at 5 in the morning at Louis L. Redding Hall that forced hundreds of students to evacuate the building and stand outside in the freezing rain for hours. It was a tragic event, many students were scarred for life. But five young men saw something more in that bleak hour, something bigger than just them. And thus, Five O'Clock Fire was born.

Hayden Richards, Zubin Hussain, Nathaniel Kim, Russ Israel, and Brian Orlow



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