There are times in life when we all feel like the Universe is sending us a sign. And that’s exactly how Jay Laughlin, Philadelphia music scene veteran, felt when a fire ripped through his band's (JJL) practice space claiming all their musical gear one dark night in February of 2014. At first, it felt like a sign that maybe he should consider giving up his passion — and stop pouring his heart, soul, time and energy into making and playing music.

Fortunately, there was a second sign from the Universe. As the smoke slowly cleared, a massive wave of support rolled in. Family, friends, fans and the community made their feelings known by providing funds, lending equipment, organizing benefits, and showering the band with no small amount of emotional support and encouragement. It felt like proof positive that JJL should rebuild and re-focus. And that’s exactly what they have done — emerging triumphantly with The Tiger E.P., their 6-song debut 12-inch, in hand.

As a songwriter, Jay has returned to his roots in a way. It’s evident that the devastating fire stirred up emotions and triggered memories that rekindled his love of playing heavy music. He is once again making music that celebrates the raw power of the artists that originally inspired him to start playing drums and guitar when he was barely a teenager... metal bands like Iron Maiden, Dio, Judas Priest, Slayer, as well as, hardcore bands like Minor Threat and The Bad Brains.

JJL amps up the “power” of the traditional power trio, with Jay on guitar and vocals (Lenola, Like A Fox, Turning Point), his long-time drummer Pete Girgenti on drums (Like A Fox) and new member Derek Zglenski (Belgrade) rounding out the group on bass. The Tiger E.P. boasts loud metallic riffs, spidery melodies, bombastic drums and fluid bass runs. The music is both intricate and concise, balancing the frenetic energy and immediacy of rock n' roll with the musicianship and bombast of heavy metal. In short, JJL have songs that stick in your head no matter how hard you bang it.


Suckin' Brains and Growin' Manes

Shitty Wizard



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