E.Rose w/ The Tripatronix

The trailblazer of Flip Flop Hip Hop and founder of Americana Hip Hop-
E.ROSE is an idiosyncratic and extraordinary artist making a name for himself and solidifying his place as a serious artist in the music scene. Both up and down California and World wide as well, as E.ROSE has performed Internationally and has a growing fan base in Africa, Europe and Central America. From his unique blend of Country Rock/ Hip hop to his energetic performances, to his Hip Hop web show, 2008 - 2012 have been very busy years for this Fresno native artist.

E.ROSE started producing Hip Hop tracks in the late 80’s. He went on hiatus during the late 90s, but is now back writing vocals and putting out tracks. Since 2007 he has been doing some serious networking with just about every significant person in the music business. He has regularly opened for the quickly rising, Moonshine Bandits. You can watch E.ROSE interview this group on Cali Mic Check.
Other note worthy artist E.Rose has worked with include Cypress Hill, E-40, Del the Funkee Homosapian,Rehab, Pep Love, Micky Avalon, Dirtbag Dan,Spice 1, 40 Watt Hype,Smash the Band, KRS1 and Kung Fu Vampire.

E.ROSE comes off as very lyrical, and raps about everything from his party day adventures to providing commentary on life’s challenges. E.ROSE is of his own Uniqueness, with songs spanning from Funk, Soul, Alternative, Country, Rockabilly/punk/thrash, Disco, Hip Hop and Rock, all with a hip hop foundation.

His influences start with a solid foundation in Hip Hop via Beastie Boys and RUN DMC. Beyond that he also draws much influence from Kid Rock, Curtis Mayfield, Kenny Chesney and Funkadelic to name a few.

Outside of his Hip Hop performances, E.ROSE is a full time single father. His daughter comes first before anything else. He is also a baseball fanatic and professional cook. He was close to franchising a Roscoe’s at one point in his life.
Currently he is running a successful BBQ catering service in Fresno "E.ROSE's Musicians Kitchen".

In the past 4 years he has also dedicated much of his time to developing a Hip Hop web show called Cali Mic Check. The show, which is available on YouTube, highlights known and unknown Hip Hop artists from the Fresno area as well as artists from other communities in California. The goal of the show is to provide some insight into ways that different Hip Hop artists approach their craft and to provide more exposure for lesser known artists.

The Tripatronix

"Making Metal Silly Since 2007"
Travis Nole - Guitar, Bass, Production, Master of Absurdities

Cockamamie Jamie

Cockamamie Jamie started in hip-hop break dancing in front of the local Toys 'R' Us as a kid in the early-80s, and later participating in local rap cyphers and battles in the mid-90s to early 2000s. This led to his involvement in the Central California based hip hop crew Neighborhood Watch (2000-2005). There Jamie met Boney Beezly, with whom he formed the comedic, highly stylish, dynamic, and quirky duo known as The Argyle Pimps. Jamie and Boney have worked closely with DJ EngLebuRt, whose “golden oldies”-based beats underpin The APs' older-than-old school sensibility, and together they independently released the critically praised, “Invisible Jet-Ski's” album.

Jamie has enjoyed recognition from many respected representatives of the underground hip hop world, performing in support of KRS One, Sugarhill Gang, The Pharcyde, Ugly Duckling, Pigeon John, Immortal Technique, Little Brother, Planet Asia, and Hieroglyphics, among others. Cockamamie Jamie has also enjoyed notoriety for the infamous “Piss Battle”, a viral video screened on Comedy Central's “Tosh.0” website, Worldstarhiphop.com, Web Soup, and TruTV's "TruTV Presents" television program in which Jamie humiliates his opponent at the Battle of the Chiefs MC battle (2010), firstly with his superior lyrical prowess, and secondly with his brash, and brazen act of deliberate incontinence. A battle that must be seen to believe, Jamie definitely leaves his mark...in more ways than one.

Recently, Jamie has been working on two separate solo projects and has been in talks with an indie label in Japan about a re-release of The Argyle Pimps' first album, “Invisible Jet-Ski's”.

The first of these projects will be released in the Summer of 2013.

The Red Coats

The Red Coats were formed by Frontman Gabriel Francisco and Drummer Bobby Jenkins in 2009, who later found Bassist Nathan J. Navarro in the Summer of 2010, and Guitarist Taylor Hollman in the Winter of 2011. The Band are Fresno,California natives. They're trademark being a modern band who writes Classic Rock-esque music. Or "New Classic Rock". The Bands influences, "Led-Zeppelin", "AC/DC", "Nirvana", "The Beatles", "The Rolling Stones", ''Queen", "The Doors" "Metallica" and Many others spanding the "Classic/Modern" catalog are very audible and notable in the bands music. The Red Coats are a band of intricate drumming, and Blues/Funk/Rock bass lines that carry a vintage sound, accompanied by distinctive vocals and catchy guitar riffs.

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