Geoff Thurman Band, The Jacktones

Geoff Thurman Band

Geoff began writing songs in the mid-70s during his senior year in high school, although his parents heard him banging at the piano or guitar many years before that. He began singing at the ripe old age of six. Even then, there was a certain flare about his performance style. He listened and watched. "I was drawn to certain people because of how they communicated, not what they communicated".

Ask him how he feels about his songs that artists have recorded recorded beginning in the early 80s through today. He says, "How long have I been at this? I'm old." Geoff has logged more than thirty years in the business of Country and Contemporary Christian Music genres. Now, he chooses to return to his original passions rooted in acoustic laced Rhythm & Blues. The truth is clear about Geoff Thurman. Like other artists of his nature and background, he is curiously difficult to decipher, even though he does wear his heart on his sleeve.

Reigning from his stomping grounds of Cincinnati, Ohio, Geoff juxtaposes layers of acoustic, Latin and Urban genres in creating his signature, soulful – spiritual sound. Stemming from an era when the arts were a platform for revolution, he frames his music with a raw, illustration of his trials, tribulations and triumphs as a man and musician. Influenced by industry legends like Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix and The Staple Singers, Geoff began to contribute his wide range of artistic genius to the music industry. In 1983, Geoff had his first song, "Jehovah", recorded by songstress, Amy Grant. The single climbed to the top of the Contemporary Christian Music Charts, solidifying Geoff as a promising, young talent. In 1998, Geoff co-produced and released his debut, solo LP, "The Unseen Child". Distributed by Fair Oaks Music, it spawned the commercial success of the smash-hit single, "How You're Living".

To promote his music to the masses, Geoff has performed live nationally and overseas since 1976, including Frank's Place at the Warnor Center for the Performing Arts in Fresno, CA, the famed Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN. Garnering respect as one of the most prolific performers of his generation; Geoff has been privileged to accompany Ricky Skaggs at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium as well.

The creation of the Geoff Thurman Band is the next step in Geoff''s evolution. He has relished the deep friendships with the Nashville monsters like Tom Hemby, Woody Lingle, John Hammond Cliff Downs and Taylor Mesplé. Now Steve Lopez, Ric Coon, Kevin Sandlin, Michael Zentner, Michael Ault & Lianna Stuart come alongside to play original music lightly mixed with some re-formatted standards in a unique blend of acoustic POP and Rhythm & Blues with a Dave Matthews jam band motif.

With Ian Suhovy's song writing capabilities that can reach a wide variety of emotions and tie to a general audience, and Ryan with his drum range and ability to pick up on the right beat at the right time, the two piece co-existed and formed the band of brothers they both were longing for, and called themselves The Jacktones. They have a musical influence of The Black Keys, Dave Mathews, White Stripes, Chili Peppers, and even Adele. This "Jack of all trades" free form their way to the top every opportunity they have.



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