Sakima, Highway 41- at Jolly's


Sakima performs a plethora of musical tastes and varieties paying homage to rock, jazz, funk, blues, bluegrass, reggae and world fusion. This trio blends these many textures of sound together to create new concepts with an all original expedition.

Highway 41

Highway 41 celebrates the legendary concert experience of an original Allman Brothers Band show. Since 2008, the 7-piece New Jersey band's shows have focused primarily on the Allman Brothers' vintage 1969-1973 material and include performances of the entire Live at the Fillmore East and Eat a Peach records. Gaining new fans at every show, the band's powerful performances and easy audience rapport are creating a buzz amongst Delaware Valley musicians and listeners. Combining the country rock, blues, instrumental jazz, and symphonic acid rock of one of American music's greatest bands, Highway 41 gets the crowd shouting, shuffling, and dancing!



21+ after 11 P.M. (when kitchen closes)

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