Las Brujas, The Wes Coast, Punch Punch Kick, The Black Currents

Within a short time LAS BRUJAS has developed a strong, cohesive sound that draws from a wide spectrum of musical influences and thematic material. With a style based on the melodic interplay between Linker's power-pop riffs and Jarmon's fuzzed-out swirling tones, driven by the rock-solid rhythm section of Lewis and Olansky, LAS BRUJAS’ songs cover an array of topics from mythology and magick, the phenomena of the mind and imagination, and the glittering skyline and dreamtime grit that is life in the city of Los Angeles.

LAS BRUJAS' blend of psychedelia, power pop and shoegaze has swept across Southern California sharing the stage with such notable acts as Haim, Poolside, Sleeping Bags, Black Crystal Wolf Kids, and Raw Geronimo. Their debut self-titled EP is available now through Bandcamp and iTunes.

The Wes Coast

Punch Punch Kick

Punch Punch Kick is an American rock band based in Los Angeles, CA. The band is led by songwriter and vocalist Phil McDonald. Originally from Texas, McDonald played in several bands in the LA area since moving to California, and over that span of time met the future members of Punch Punch Kick. Now joining forces with him are guitarist Chris Miranda, bassist Ryan Malloy and drummer Reade Pryor. Their shared love for powerful and melodic music drew them together, and in the fall of 2012 the band was finally formed.

Wasting no time, McDonald went looking for a producer to work with for their debut EP. He soon found Linus of Hollywood, whom the band immediately began working with to shape up the songs for the project. After a few long months of songwriting, rehearsals and many cups of coffee, the band hit the studio to begin recording. The songs that were completed in those sessions would end up being part of the Punch Punch Kick EP.

The band is excited to finally share their music with the world and release their EP, while keeping busy rehearsing for their live shows being planned for 2013!

The Black Currents

The Black Currents formed in Los Angeles and began playing raucous garage rock and roll inspired by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Big Sugar, The Cramps, Jonathan Fire*Eater and The Who. Matt Flugger holds down guitar and vocals, belting tales of danger over thrashy riffs, and Gareth Bennett plays the drums like a gangster pouring his 40 over the grave of Keith Moon. Audiences are astounded by the exuberant noise these two young men make every time they worship at the altar of funk and fuzz.

The Black Currents are not for the inexperienced- their music is a harrowing chronicle of nudity, crime, French people, space travel, car worship, alienation, fighting and general bad behavior.

Their first record is due out this winter through Busterhouse Records. On vinyl.

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