American Nomad

The group's originator, Hassan El-Tayyab, is a descendant of traditional Arabic Bedouins and European immigrants, making him pretty American, we'd say. He developed an interest early on in writing music and performing at local coffee houses and bars around the South Shore of Massachusetts. He later moved to Boston where he quickly immersed himself in the music scene of Cambridge, with its richly talented artists and dynamic roots. He continued to write and perform original music, simultaneously supporting various Boston singer/songwriters and bands on stage with his guitar and mandolin. Things were rolling along until 2009, which ended up being a pretty tough year for various reasons. Hassan felt it would be a good idea to get out of town for a while and process it all. He jumped in his Chevy Malibu and spent the next few months driving around America.

In traveling around the country, Hassan found many interesting people and places, but things took an unexpected twist when he randomly stumbled upon a peculiar metal shop in Berkeley, California, called the Shipyard. There he met a bunch of metal artists working on a gigantic fire-breathing art project called the Fishbug. Two weeks later, he found himself at Burning Man helping out with fire safety for the art piece. Out on the playa, Hassan made some profound realizations about his life and decided maybe it was time to try something new. Once the festival was over, he moved back to Berkeley to give "something new" a try.

Over the course of the next year in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hassan got a job as a metal artist and put together a group of top-notch musicians, forming the band American Nomad. They include (in no particular order) Mike Daillak on drums, Justin Purtill on electric guitar, Will Rzad on stand up bass, Mary Redente on harmony vocals, Ben Andrews on the fiddle, and Hassan El-Tayyab on guitar and lead vocals. In May 2010, the six of them began to record a handful of Hassan's originals to create American Nomad's first release, Temple Sunrise EP.

The Blackberry Bushes Stringband

The Blackberry Bushes are a Northwest Alt-folk String Band. The Bushes’ innovative acoustic sound draws from the deep roots of American traditional music to create a rich patchwork that shares threads with artists like Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Sean Hayes, and Crooked Still. Joyful singing and songwriting are supported by carefully constructed soundscapes that feature virtuosic fiddle. A longtime Northwest favorite, the band has developed into a national act, with recent tours across the US and Europe. Their live show is joyous and vibrant with an intention to move the audience in their hearts and out of their seats.

“Their blend of traditional Bluegrass and Folk elements with more contemporary sounds has an appeal not seen since Nickel Creek or The Be Good Tanyas.” (Joseph Kyle The Big Takeover)

The Blackberry Bushes Stringband has that rare magic that allows them to artfully fuse sounds from many genres into a bluegrass instrumentation that retains distinct threads of sonic color. This is a daredevil sound that is delicate,bold, and like their thorny namesake, rooted and growing, growing, growing.

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