Chaos Revolution Theory, Mojo Radio, 7 Seasons Deep (Record Release)

Chaos Revolution Theory

2012/2011 Madison Area Music Association(MAMA) finalist Chaos Revolution Theory is a grungy combination of folk and prog- "Wisconsin Stomp Rock".

"Chaos Revolution Theory is the perfect mix of groove, funk and
progressive rock... music that seems like it could fit on the iPod
playlist or record shelf of anyone who simply enjoys music."- Maximum Ink Magazine

"Combining rock, grunge and some proggy jams, Madison's Chaos Revolution Theory bring it at their live performances." - Isthmus Daily Page

Remember when the quality of music was judged by the raw force of a bands dynamic, as opposed to corporate sales charts and overproduced recordings? Well just in case the world may have forgotten, Mojo Radio is here to remind you. With emphasis on ripping guitar lines, solid rhythm backbone, and punchy, soulful vocals, Mojo Radio aims to usher in a new approach to music that’s reminiscent of the g
reat rock ‘n’ roll and blues techniques that have stood the test of time. Drawing heavily from the influences of bands like The Black Crowes, Humble Pie, Free, The Faces, as well as blues artists like Muddy Waters, Freddie King, and Sonny Terry. Mojo Radio creates music that commands attention by way of an undeniable blues-rock groove and pure musical mojo.

7 Seasons Deep (Record Release)

Grungy Hard Rock from the Midwest

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