The Headlocks

The Headlocks

The Headlocks are an Americana Rock and Roll band out of Staten Island, New York who entertain audiences wherever they go. Rob Carey's vocals and harmonica seem to reverberate from the same chamber as some of the best Rock has to offer, while the simple structures of their catchy songs allow the band to pulsate in wave after wave of sonic joy. Their songs, among other things, carry themes of the working class and living in America in the wake of a cultural revolution that has been eaten by its exploitation.

Something to note about this band is its defiance of category and incredible versatility. They play everything from tiny rooms, intimate and all acoustic to fully electric on large stages. Each situation has it's charms, and The Headlocks adapt and improvise in each room to each crowd as a rule.

One reason they are able to be so versatile with complete integrity is their wide range of influences and the depth of background of the members of the band. For example, Rob Carey gained countless hours of experience playing music solo on the streets and subways of N Y, Philly, San Francisco and New Orleans before ever being in a band. He played countless 30 min sets on the Staten Island Ferry in the late 1990's and early 2000's.

There is also something to the fact that the band is not trying to be or sound like anyone or anything in particular, but allowing the diverse tastes of each band member to be present. Along these lines, you will note that The Headlocks have a familiar yet unique sound- you will catch a hint of something here and there that reminds you of something you've heard, but you can't quite put your finger on it.

Their diverse catalogue of songs are accessible to a very wide audience. "It’s one of those CD’s you throw at the head of a person who hasn’t moved past his parents LP’s" -(ears of the beholder)...

There is an undeniable quality to the songs themselves and to the band's stellar performance and improvisation- a sensibility similar to rock greats Led Zeppelin.

The Headlocks have been compared by critics to fresh, current bands such as The Racaunteurs, The Felice Brothers, Arcade Fire and The Decemberists as well as rock luminaries such as The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Beatles and Bob Dylan and Rob Carey's words and delivery have even been compared to American Folk hero Woody Guthrie...

Their first full length studio album, Cuckoo Bird sold over 2100 copies by hand and garnered a good deal of local, national and international press and college/ independent/local and internet radio airplay.

Cuckoobird, a thundering wide-ranging album was recorded at Hard Luck studios in Brooklyn, NY and mixed at HeadGear also in Bk. It was mastered in NYC at Avatar by Fred Kevorkian.
Music from this album was featured on season one of the TLC show NY Ink.

In 2009 the band played over 70 well-attended shows in the NYC area and released their first full length album to a sold out crowd of 700 people. Other highlights included two packed performances at The Mercury Lounge, another packed house at The Bitter End, two critically acclaimed perfor-mances at the Draw-a-Thon Theatre, and a spotlight after-party gig following Wilco's performance at Cyclone Stadium, Bk.

In 2010, the Headlocks inched out further and in 2011, they expanded their touring range, playing (among a plethora of other shows) at the start of The N Y C Marathon, at MPMF in Cincinnatti, High Tide Jam Fest in Dewey Beach De, and Some Kind of Jam in PA with The Budos Band as well as a number of colleges & universities in states such as VT, MA, OH, and N Y.

In 2012 The Headlocks weathered some line up changes and literally a crazy Hurricane and inched closer to finishing up their second full length studio album which will be released in 2013. They played 2 dynamite sets at PA fest Meeting Of the Minds, one acoustic, one electric.

This year started off with a very fun show on New Year's Day in the town of Woodstock New York and 3 additional songs recorded on January 2nd at Millbrook Studios in New York. The band could not be more excited about where this album is going and where the writing process is leading us.

Living in Staten Island playing the music we do isn't always the most popular thing. But the environment has also shaped our sound in a way that will take some of the best things you love about American music and British invasion, retools it spins it on it's head.

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