Starting Six

When East Bay California friends Bread, Nic Nac, Riggz, Fess, Goose and Big Steve decided to make a video for their “Thirsty” song back in 2009, they were doing it simply for fun. Recording as the group Starting Six, the longtime friends didn’t expect to get much of a reaction when they posted the clip on YouTube.
“I was just juiced that we did it,” Bread says. “I thought only our families were going to see it, that the most we’d get is like 100 views and that would be all from relatives and friends. But when the week was done and we already had 10,000 views, it was like, ‘Whoa. What is going on? Who’s watching this video?’ We had no idea that people were noticing us like that.”
As word spread virally about the video – which now has more than 1.5 million views – the high energy clip for “Thirsty,” which featuring Starting Six hosting a party and getting with a bevy of shapely women, the crew started going to parties where people would play the “Thirsty” video to get their own party hyped.
Then, the sextet started getting booked for shows. “We were broke and they said they would pay us, so it was kind of like, ‘Why not?’” Nic Nac says. “Once we started doing performances for people, we were forced to keep doing it.”
Prior to “Thirsty,” Starting Six were randomly making songs with no set schedule. Producer-rapper, Nic Nac was producing rappers on the side, Riggz was attending UCLA (and now attends USC law school), Fess was dealing with his garbled English (he’s half Peruvian and his mother doesn’t speak English), Goose was busy staying out of debates (he’s also known as “Middle Earth” and “Gray” because he always remains neutral), Bread was focused on hoops (the group gets its name because they’re six of them and they all played on the high school basketball team together) and Big Steve was busy cracking jokes, making stupid faces and rapping and making beats.
So the friends who grew up listening to the Ying Yang Twins and such Bay Area staples as E-40 and Mac Dre decided to get serious about making music. It helped that their creative formula wasn’t particularly stressful. They’d get intoxicated, hit the studio, listen to beats, come up with song concepts and feed off of each other. Within a few hours, a song was typically in the can.
Given that Starting Six party virtually every day, it’s no surprise that the group’s music often has an energetic, feel-good vibe. “We set out to make music that we would like to hear,” Bread says. “There’s times on the radio when you start hearing artists or songs that sound hella generic. We were tired of slapping music we didn’t want to listen to. So we’re like, ‘We’ll make our own music, stuff we want to play at parties, that we want to ride around to, smoke to, drink to, party with girls with.’”
With the video for follow-up song “Yogi” (the group’s code word for having sex without a condom) garnering hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube, Starting Six decided to record an actual project. Released in July 2011, the free mixtape Let’s Talk About S6x was the crew’s first official release.
Let’s Talk About S6x single “This Ain’t Water” appears to be the group’s first radio smash. Featuring Los Angeles rapper Mann, the club-ready cut has already been getting radio play throughout the West Coast, including Power 106 in Los Angeles, 99.7 Now in San Francisco and B95 in Fresno.
In order to better pursue their music careers, Starting Six moved to Los Angeles in June 2011. They’ve got a second mixtape coming out soon and are in discussions with television networks about having a reality show focused on the group and its culture.
What started out as something to do with each other has quickly morphed into something much bigger.
“We were doing it just for us,” Bread says. “Now that people are hella liking it, why stop?”

Gueringer the 13th

Gueringer The 13th, formally known as "J.G" from Pontiac, MI. He's been traveling across the country all year long off his free PRE-Album "Paris, Japan". The pre-album has the single "trill waves - " which made thousands of people catch his wave., Gueringer is energetic, intimate, and keeps the crowd active during his show. Gueringer is set to releases the full album on iTunes 2014. Follow @GueringerTh13th and subscribe to his YouTube pg " ". Be ready to sweat after his performance.


V.C. is an up-and-coming hip hop group of three from the Bay Area of California. We all write our own lyrics, produce our own beats, and direct our own music videos. We are always bringing something creative and original to the game.

Tyrese Johnson

Tyrese Johnson is an up and coming Hip-Hop act from Oakland, CA. His style is a refreshing alternative to the popular radio offerings. Looking to balance the ills his city is known for, he uses music to provide a new outlook.

DJ D3Fbot

D3FB0T (pronounced Deaf Bot), or Jet Wada, is the moniker of Bay Area producer. D3fs high energy yet musically focused records are a welcomed relief in the fog of filth bass and patch crazy productions.

Jet was born and raised in Antioch California. A very small, very multicultural city tucked away behind its big brothers, San Francisco and Oakland. A semi hectic town where you can drop your kids off at school, hear a couple gunshots at night, and goin to a 4 year college or the Army is the common way out. Not that type of person ,even though Jet did try to attend Sf State Univerity for a year, Jet pursued music as his means of so called "escaping". Being introduced to music at an early age by his parents was a big help too.

Having had a pretty damn good grasp on the Piano, including reading notes, understanding all piano theory, and creating his own songs, at the age of 12 Jet told his parents he was quitting his piano lessons. Also being heavily influenced by HIp Hop, his dad bought him a 2pac cd and told him, "Start writing lyrics son". From there it all grew. Jet began making friends that shared the same passion. Soon he and his friends had formed a power group that is known as The Bay-Sicz.

Since Jet had been producing for years using several mediums, Jet became a Producer/Rapper kid to his friends in highschool. And he had bangers too. Every couple weeks him and his team would make a new rap record to show the people. Having momemtum going with the group, the Bay-Sicz put out a couple mixtapes, and Started doing shows. Once Jet stepped foot on that stage, He knew this is where he belong.

After a couple years of shows and fun times, the Bay-Sicz movement slowed down a little bit, and Jet began to look for other scources to spread his music. Always being a fan of techno and house, which heavily influenced his hip hop records he produced for rappers and singers, Jet decided to produce a demo ep of electro and dubstep and hip hop fusion tracks. From there, he submitted it to a few labels, and had his first release on beatport with TEMPLE MUSIC GROUP SF on May 1st, 2012. A day to remember.

Now as a rising star in the EDM community, Having been featured on several major blog sites worldwide for his remixes and live performances. Jet and his best friend Cameron Powell aka Grap3 Carg0t, are doing live shows all around the us , venturing into some music festivals as well. (to be anounced) , and producing featured dubstep, electro house, techno, trap, moombahton, hip hop tracks that are featured in media shops every where. With Jet and Cameron's "WE GET THE PARTY GOIN STUPID" attitudes and Fun to be around personalities, and AMAZING PRODUCTIONS, you are sure to hear more and more and more from D3FB0T. oh, and did i mention, he is completly deaf in his right ear?!

$16.00 - $18.00


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