Muscle Worship

Muscle Worship

Loud rock band from Lawrence, KS.

Raccoon Fighter

Named one of Turn Up the Sound's "favorite new artists," and described by Philadelphia Weekly as a band that "...makes you wanna shake, rattle and roll," they have successfully caught the ear of Brooklyn music scene regulars as well as a host of concertgoers who discovered the band at one of their infectious live shows. Whether it be the crunch of Ciancaglini's guitar, the energy of Gavigans's vocals, the rawness of their sound, or some a combination of the three, their music appeals to many.

Drawing on influences including Iggie Pop, the Pretty Things, and the Rolling Stones, Raccoon Fighter has created a unique sound and secured its place in the burgeoning New York City indie music scene. It's no wonder prominent music blog, Brooklyn Ski Club, confidently declares, "Mark my will be a fan of this band in the very near

"Brooklyn's latest top-shelf indie export" - Chaos Magazine

"Pleasantly seductive, slinky style of raw rock" - the Deli Magazine

"The supple sonic waves hark back cross the pond to Brit Invasion trailblazers the Troggs and Hollies, before their antecedents locked themselves in the garage and turned that soulful R&B rock sound raw."
- Philadelphia Weekly

"Kurt may have passed on, but his style lives on in bands like Raccoon Fighter that blend hard-edged lyrics and melodies with a really emotive lead singer. Same goes for other pioneer bands that had similar-sounds, like The Pixies. One review called Raccoon Fighter "great, raw rock;" that's damn right."
- Bits and Watts

Guilt Free Pleasures "particularly tantalizing"

"Its hotter in Bushwick, Brooklyn during the summer than most places in America. Under a small atmospheric layer of smog: fire hydrants burst open and shower neighborhoods, Italian Ice push-carts litter the streets, and the $1 bags of sliced mango boil under the Myrtle Ave/ Broadway J Train tracks. Exhausted from a night of sweat-induced tossing and turning you comprimisingly hit your Bodega; now complete with your newly acquired $4 Deli Sandwich, $1 Arizona, and your $1 Chips you sit at your computer (complete with stolen wireless). Oh, what's this? What an incredible surprise! Raccoon Fighter released two FREE albums: Liars Feet & Terrified (respectively)? FANTASTIC. GLORIOUS. GUAVALICIOUS. What? Two completely different records with one similarity: real, honest Rock and Roll."
- TK421 Music

Turn Up The Sound "raw rock and roll"

"Mark my words, you hear it here first, etc: You will be a fan of this band in the very near future"
- Brooklyn Ski Club

Happy Nothing

Tidal Arms

When two galaxies pass by each other in close proximity, their shapes distort due to each other's gravity. The outside spiral arms splay out into space, often casting stars and dust into the abyss as their host galaxies drift slowly back towards each other. These distortions are called tidal arms.

Since forming in the late summer of 2009, Brooklyn's Tidal Arms have crafted a unique brand of stormy psych-rock. The music reflects the diverse collective musical history of singer and guitarist Tom Tierney, drummer Francis Mark, and bassist Patrick Southern. Having played in a wide variety of bands with styles ranging from folk to metal, the band members have fused their disparate influences into a beautifully blown out, feverishly grooving sound.

After finishing recording their debut single, "Hair and Teeth / Flooded Meadows", the band immediately moved toward writing their first LP, The Sun Exploding. The band recording the album themselves at their studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, called Spaceman Sound. Says Tierney, "Our goal was to make a record that sounds big, but mostly sounds like the three of us playing our music in our space." When it came time for mixing, the band turned to Andrew Schneider (Pelican, Cave-In, Made out of Babies), who had recorded and mixed the band's aforementioned 7". "Andrew makes great sounding records and his studio is a block from my favorite coffee shop in Brooklyn. It's always a pleasure to go down there and work with him," says Mark.

Tidal Arms is set to self-release The Sun Exploding on February 13th, the first day of a nationwide tour supporting Glassjaw. "Writing this album has been the sole focus of our lives for the past year, " says Southern. "Now, it's about hitting the road."


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