Joshua, Elizabeth and Lewis Valleau have been making music separately and in pairs for years, but finally the triplets are united in a mission to take dance music into the darkest of nights.

Combining classical training in piano, guitar, harpsichord, drums, and voice with personal obsessions with synthesizers, drum machines, analogue tape and Live PA, WOLVVES seeks to push the fragile boundaries of dance genres into the psychedelic extremes of harmonic emotion.

WOLVVES are inspired by bells, ghosts, predators, white-knuckled terror, the tears of lost lovers, and the knowledge that "Every moment we are living in someone else's past" - William Gibson.

Their debut EP "Feed the Hand that Bites" is 4 tracks deep, with another 2 due before the Fall.

Peter Michel has been a musician since he came into this world. He picked up the piano at three years old, and has since been adding instrument after instrument to his broad repertoire. Once the touring drummer for Craft Spells, the Seattle native is now operating as a bit of a one man band. His new dream pop endeavor, Hibou, has only been in existence for a brief period of time, but it's already attracting national attention from fans and media outlets alike.

Lydia Ainsworth

Lydia Ainsworth is a composer who for much of the '00s composed music behind the scenes for film, art installations, and contemporary dance ensembles. Performing with an entourage of magical moving creatures, Lydia sings songs about the millions of strange shadows that lie between the emotion and response.

ACKRYLIC CITY is the debut EP from Brooklyn artist, BOULEVARDS.

Taking cues from the greats like Earth, Wind & Fire, Cameo, Talking Heads, Prince, Daft Punk and OutKast, Boulevards has crafted a dynamic album that takes the listener on an explosive journey through the multi-faceted spheres of pop music.

The Ackrylic City EP slices through genres like a smoothly sharpened blade, pushing the limits of punk til your ears bleed, seducing you with funk, and then lulling you into a soulful reverie.

For Boulevards, it has all been the product of a broad musical upbringing. "My father is radio DJ. He used to always put me on to new music as a teen growing in the South. He said, 'Son, you have to listen to every genre music to be great and fully understand music.'"

Winding his way from the dusty roads of North Carolina to the urban sprawl of New York City, Boulevards currently resides in Brooklyn where he has been working with local heavyweights like NineLives The Cat (The Death Set, Ninjasonik) and Xxxchange (Spankrock, Björk, Kool Keith) to develop his sound.

"The goal in creating music was for the tastemakers, for the avid listener searching for innovative pop music, pop music I would listen too in the iPod generation."

Ackrylic City is available for free download on Soundcloud.

"This EP will make you want to groove out on the dance floor and then talk somebody into going back to your crib." - www.afropunk.com



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