Los Festingos, MRJR

Los Festingos

A Festingo: One whom expands the musical universe through creative, humorous, and often outrageous feats of harmonious excellence.

One day there was a volcano. Or something. And then there were Festingos and unicorns. Then a bunch o' bros went unicorn tipping, and they were extinct. And then there were people too I guess, but only because Sam let them be.

Sam Kwietniak - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tim 'Rancid' Gould - Bass, Vocals
Christopher 'Toni' Boss Ruffini - Drums, Percussion
Bucky Kellorgg - Lead Guitar

Matt Rivard & Jon Ruffini have been making music together since 2003. Over the past decade they have formed several bands under different names, recorded multiple albums, and played small shows throughout the Philadelphia suburbs. They come to you today as MRJR.



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